5 Kitchen Styles We Can Choose

We shouldn’t be worried about choosing proper styles for our kitchen. There are many styles we could choose and we could even create our own. After all, we have our own favourite colors that we would like to choose. In general, no kitchen should be alike. We have our own unique preferences in kitchen styles and tastes. If we are confused with our kitchen renovation project, here are a few styles we could consider:

1. Victorian

Victorian kitchen is usually characterized by lancet windows, elaborate trims along the edges and various Gothic details in the interior. Victorian kitchens are often known for their level of elegance, they have highly detailed, handcrafted wood cabinets where we could store cooking utensils and other items. Wood countertops should also be included in the design. There should be decorative chandelier and the lighting could be adjusted to match the surrounding.

2. Old World

Old World kitchens are known for their typical door styles and the classical worn looks. Common elements of this kitchen are thicker crown moulding build-ups and more antiquated finishes. These kitchens have natural materials for their countertops and floors. We could also use open-shelf cabinets, hand carvings items and glass door cabinets.

5 Kitchen Styles We Can Choose

3. Tuscan

Tuscan is related to the Old World style and this kitchen leans a bit towards the feminine feel. Tuscan style is ideal when combined with Mediterranean architecture with the olive green darker yellows and warm gold colors. Stone and porcelain are typical choices for sink. Kitchen furniture should be made of wrought iron or wood. Another excellent compliment to this style is the wide plank wood flooring as well as textured wall with specific paint and plaster applications. In general, Tuscan style could provide us with the warm and rustic feel.

4. Traditional American

Traditional American style could provide us with a more formal look that emphasizes on richer colors, raised wood panelling and crowns moulding. These combinations should help us to enhance the traditional feel and specific moods. To add to the country style aura, we could use oak cabinets, wicker baskets, semi-opaque paints and honey tones. Other typical details of Traditional American style are large crown moulding and square raised panel doors. Woods used for this style are usually walnut, mahogany and cherry, but we could also add some metal accents in gold or brass tones. Blue, green, black and red are common color palettes used. Wall treatments may include wall covering with smaller patterns.

5. Country

Country style could refer to French, English or American designs. Each could be preferred to specific groups of people. In general, we should achieve that weathered, rustic look to create a warm and cosy feeling. We could use open cabinet to display colourful array of dishes. Other great pieces of addition are hand-painted tiles and a separate butcher block. To add more charm to a Country kitchen, we could put small pots with herbs in the windows. Common colors we could use include earth tones to muted hues. There are specific fabrics that can enhance the country feeling of our kitchen.