Why Your Logo Design Is the Silent Contributor You Didn’t Know You Need

Why Your Logo Design Is the Silent Contributor You Didn’t Know You Need

Upon hearing a brand name, one immediately pictures their logo. It is part of our instinct. Brand logos act as the face of the company. Just the way we picture a person’s face whenever their name is called out. They help with the association, the recall effect, and help raise revenue for the company.

Businesses are constantly trying to get on top after serving solid competitions to their rivals. They need to come up with vigorous marketing strategies to be able to overcome the hurdles that are laid down by competitors. A catchy business logo will be useful for business owners when it comes to garnering more customers. This is why an exceptional logo design is possibly the most striking facet of the business.

A good logo is all about creating a good first impression, and we know how important those are. From small startups to large scale businesses, it is always important to start off on the right foot when it comes to meeting new customers. A study has shown that 48% of the customers have a higher chance of becoming loyal to a brand after the first interaction.

This is why marketing agencies like Simplee Built Sites, LLC, are so dedicated to providing companies with logo designs that not only reflect what the brand stands for but also manages to make a good first impression that gets cemented in the customers’ mind for a long while. Founded by Jacob Pinkhasov in February 2018, Simplee Built Sites, LLC. has served several clients along with the development of Rada Jacob website. Though the company is multi-faceted when it comes to designing, their logo design capabilities are something to be marveled at. They understand that the logo is a part of the brand’s visual identity and should, thus, be top notch. And top-notch is what they serve!


Logos are more than a bunch of colors and twists of lines placed here or there, they are the company’s identity, they give the customers a glimpse of what the company is about on the surface. Usually, it is the logos that help the customers identify what kind of product or service the company provides, and what kind of a journey the customer is in for when they associate with the brand.

Invites new customers

The reason why so many brands like McDonald’s deviate towards colors like yellow and red is because these colors are eye-catching, hunger-inducing, and have a high recall rate. This is also why whenever we think of junk food, McDonald’s is the first name that comes to mind, even if we are not in a mood for a burger. Therefore, the logo that graces your packages or is at the forefront of your store should be eye-grabbing enough to pique the curiosity of the customers enough to have them give you a chance.

Singles you out from the competition

There is a high chance that your brand is not the only one that is serving this service or product in the market. Several other brands are offering similar products. So how do you distinguish yourself from them and gain competitive advantage? It all starts with a captivating logo.