Why More Homes are Using Concrete Tile Roofs

A durable material such as concrete tile that can last for decades is a popular choice for roof construction. Tiles like this can save homeowners lots of money throughout a lifetime, as roof replacements are few and far between. Concrete tiles are not only durable but also sleek, earthy, and beautiful. They are less prone to damage from wind storms, heavy rains, and hail damage. Considering that they can hold up to the elements, they should be regarded for any homeowner who is looking for a new roof replacement.

These tiles come in many different shapes and sizes, and they have a variety of colors that go well with any home needing a new tile roof. Tile roofs are a great alternative to traditional roofing materials like shakes, shingles, tar, and built-up rooftops.

A significant reason for choosing concrete tiles for roofing is to manage hot and humid temperatures. The roofs do not absorb heat and maintain the internal home temperature cool naturally. This is both safe and a healthy way of keeping your home’s circulation in check. Combined with a quality air conditioning unit, and you have yourself a home that can get cool and stay cool for the day.

The tiles’ sturdiness ensures that it is the best choice if you live in areas with storm or heavy rains. It is also free of rotting or rusting, so repairs are minimal. Leaks are not something that you would encounter with concrete tiles, so it is ideal for home roofs in many geographical locations across the world. These tiles are solid, and should you experience a massive storm, and debris is blown around, you can feel safe knowing these tiles can hold up to these natural elements.

Another advantage of this material is that it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Since they are made from natural minerals, they can be recycled, hence preventing any pollution. These tiles can be ground up and re-purposed for other construction projects. Some cities recycle them and use them as material for repaving new roads.

Now you can choose from a plethora of designs, shapes, and colors based on your preference. The aesthetics are pleasing to look at and smooth in texture. Due to the wide range of choices, you can select the roofing tiles that match your home’s interior style perfectly. Colors can be chosen to match the exterior paint and trim of the house, and shapes can be selected to match the home’s architecture.

These are some of the most compelling reasons why more homes are using concrete tile roofs these days. You can also choose to have them installed at your home. You should take a look around your neighborhood for ideas, and check the internet for inspiration. After you have a color and style chosen, we suggest you contact a roofing contractor to discuss your options and the materials’ availability. Some tiles may need to be custom ordered, so knowing that before getting too attached to a color and design will prevent any let-downs.