Why Is Cygna Labs the Standard to Follow In IT Auditing

Finding a good IT auditing company and professional is not easy. You are after all handing over important information on your company to someone you don’t know. You want someone who is a professional and just advocates the best work ethics to be able to handle your business and documents. You want to be able to figure out where the company is going, what are the positives and the negatives that you can polish and improve respectively. A bad IT auditing company can wreak havoc on your business and you will remain on ground zero as it is.

That is why you need to make sure that you are in touch with the most top-notch IT auditing company available in the market. You will have to measure their work against criteria, and when it comes to IT auditing that standard is set by Cygna Labs. The private enterprise software provider offers IT compliance solutions and auditing for systems and applications that cross Microsoft-hybrid IT and Microsoft infrastructures. Based in Miami, Florida Cygna Labs has spread its reach all the way to Canada, EMEA, and United States. Their greater focus is on specializing in change, access auditing software, configuration, and IT auditing with its well-known Cygna Auditor solution.

The company was founded by Christian Ehrenthal in the year 2017, he had bought it from Blackbird ventures. They released their first products which is the auditing software for the Active directory, Office 365 with the Sharepoint, and Windows File System along with Azure AD and Exchange Online.

The company has just seen boom ever since its establishment and so it was acquired by N3K. This is a world-renowned systems integrator and provider of network management solutions. Though they did let it operate as an independent subsidiary to N3K, they instilled their work ethics and efficient working style within the company which made it into the high standard brand that it is today. They understand that attention to detail is extremely important in the field of IT auditing and so they make sure that all of their employees practice this rule.

A lot of planning and deliberation goes into making the company the high powered beast that Cygna Labs is, considering the number of companies of the same niche just coming up from different corners of the world, each bringing with them something unique. This is exactly the same motto the managers of Cygna Labs have followed which has turned it into a reliable brand that many tend to trust.

Their flagship product is the Cygna Auditor which delivers some insights into the user behavior. It also provides system configuration and data sensitivity that helps the organization detect data security threats and then mitigate them. It also helps the company pass compliance audits and increase productivity.