Let’s Understand The Difference Between Rekeying & Replacing Locks!

Rekeying & Replacing Locks

Rekeying your lock and replacing your locks – however identical these two terms may sound and look, there is a definite difference between them. Re-keying a lock is when an expert changes some mechanisms inside your already existing locks so that the key to that lock could no more serve the purpose of unlocking it and you get to use a complete new key to unlock that same old lock! This is one of the most accepted solutions for all those people who have just shifted to a new house but don’t want to spend grands on getting new locks, especially when your locks are in a good condition, why waste all the efforts and money behind making those locks and installing them! Basically with re-keying you are trying to temper your lock in such a way that it functions the same only the key to the lock gets changed! The most important keynote to al this is – rekeying must be done by an expert locksmith Dallas who is thorough with his knowledge about the rekeying!

Should I Really Replace My Lock?

As for replacing the locks is the last option all of us opt for most of the time without being aware about the re-keying option! You can think of replacing your locks when you know your locks had enough and now they are no more serving the purpose of securing your residential premises. Getting your locks changed completely is a little costly process but when it’s about the security of your home sweet home, its worth it! You can get your home a complete makeover with the new locks, for instance if your home earlier had golden locks over white doors to give it a good golden vintage look, after replacing your golden door knobs with silver cylinder locks giving your home more of a chic look with its silver colour.

Know The Purpose Behind!

You can choose from both the options whichever option looks greater for the security as well as is pocket friendly! Lock re-keying and lock changes have their own beauty and purpose to serve while they also promise total security to your home sweet home. You can decide based upon the requirements about which locking solutions you wish to go for. If you already are happy with your old locks and their looks and toughness, all you need to do is get those gorgeous sturdy locks a re-keying solution so that you don’t feel bad about ditching your old beautiful vintage locks. Re-keying helps you preserve your old locks that are already in good condition! It could also be the ultimate choice when people have lost a copy of your keys, you simply can get your lock re-keyed so that you don’t spend your days thinking over what if somebody is there in my home when I m not home!

The discussion about re-keying and replacing the key could keep going on and on but at the end of the day, what matters is what is the need of the situation? If you are willing to spend money and get some real makeover to your years old doors, replacing the locks is the right choice, and when you love your locks and only want to limit the access to your home, go for re-keying!