5 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools You Must Know

With the increased competition among various technologies,  it is becoming hard to decide about the type of technology one should use. It is the mobile era, as everyone has smartphones and everyone uses mobile apps for their every particular need. So, it has become important for all companies and organizations to develop a mobile app for their business so that people could stay updated with all the information every time. But before developing any mobile app, it is important for the developer to produce a compatible app that is able to run on various platforms instead of running in only a single platform.

To develop any mobile app, one needs a mobile app development tool on which he/she can write a code and design the app and finally run the mobile app successfully. There are various kinds of development tools for the mobile application but knowing about the efficient ones is important so as to develop a better mobile application.

Some of the most important and must know mobile app development tools are as follows:

1. Phone Gap: Phone Gap is an open source and best development tool to develop the mobile applications. It is beneficial to develop such applications that have hardly anything to do with the native features of the mobile phone. It is used to pack the mobile applications among a native application container that makes use of JavaScript for accessing device level application programming interfaces. Hybrid apps can be created with this tool with the help of popular web technologies. It provides the best mobile app development services.

2. Xamarin: Xamarin is a development tool that is used for developing applications for various platforms with the help of the shared C code base. Like you can do anything in Swift, Java or Objective C, you can also do it in C. It provides a sample app for a reference so that a beginner could get to know how to start things easily. In order to ensure the seamless integration, it offers the quality assurance and functional testing for various devices.

3. Appcelerator: Appcelerator is capable of developing apps just by running only one JavaScript code base. It is used to provide the web content in native application so that the code gets not wrapped along the web container. It is able to generate the prototype in a less time.

4. Sencha Touch: Sencha Touch is one of the popular cross platform mobile app development tool that is capable of building the efficient mobile applications with the help of hardware acceleration techniques. It is used to develop the high quality mobile applications with tested and tightly integrated components. The developer is able to build apps with built in themes in this tool.

5. Monocross: Monocrsoss is also an open source development tool that makes it possible to build mobile applications for iPads, Android phones, tablets, iPhones, Webkit-enabled devices and Windows phones. You can also check latest mobile app trends in coming year. To develop a multi-platform app, it makes use of technologies like Mono framework, .Net, and C#. For the maintenance and continual development of applications, it only needs to have a .Net and C# technologies.

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