5 Gadgets For Winter Vacations You’ll Love

5 Gadgets For Winter Vacations You'll Love

Winter is fast approaching, and with it cheaper flight and hotel deals – not to mention dozens of winter sports for you and your family. From skiing to snowboarding, from snowshoeing to a winter solstice alone in a cabin in the snowy woods, the possibilities presented by a winter vacation are endless.

5 Gadgets For Winter Vacations You'll Love

If you’re going on a winter holiday, as so many do, there are a few gadgets you can take with you to make your winter vacation special, memorable and, especially, comfortable! Here are five gadgets you should check out, buy, and pack for your winter vacation.

Glove Warmers

If you’re headed to the slopes for skiing or snowboarding, glove warmers are a must-have item. The ingredients of glove or hand warmers produce heat when either exposed to air or boiled in water for a few minutes. Those who spend all day out on the mountain for winter sports may well want to consider these, as they not only prevent discomfort from cold hands, but can help prevent frostbite. Both kinds emit heat over a period of hours when packed into the tight spaces of your gloves or mittens. Fingers and toes are the most susceptible to frostbite when out in the cold for long periods of time, so don’t miss out on picking these up. You can order them cheaply online through major retailers that offer outdoor gear.


Drones are fun gadgets to take with you on any holiday, since you can use them to explore and record the landscape at a distance from where you are. You can even program a drone to follow you and record as you snowboard, ice fish, ski, ice skate, or participate in any other outdoor activity. Drones can also be great assistants if you’re exploring an unknown terrain while mountaineering, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, and can help ensure your safety or recovery if you should meet with any misfortune while out among the wilds. DJI Phantom series is de facto top dog in the market right now, and they recently announced a new edition so if you budget can allow it, invest in one – you won’t be disappointed.

Foot Warmers

On par with hand warmers if you’re spending a day on the slopes, foot warmers work just the same way. Some foot warmers even come equipped with thermostat control, so you can adjust depending on how cold it is outside. Most foot warmers also come equipped with water resistant fabric for increased durability and to help keep your feet dry as well as warm, so combine them with a sturdy pair of boots for all-day warmth and comfort. Remember that toes and feet are among the most common body parts to be impacted by frostbite, so take your warmth and dryness seriously if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors!

Folding Sled

Whether you’re using it to push your kids down the bunny hill or to trek supplies back to your winter cabin through the woods, a folding sled is a worthwhile investment. Sling it in a bag or crosswise over your shoulder with a strap or some rope for easy carrying – made even easier by how lightweight it is. Make sure to take one with you for treks to the slopes or into the woods for some wintry solitude.

Waterproof Cell Case

Any amount of trekking through snow is going to demand a waterproof cell phone case. Even if you’re tightly bundled against the cold and snow, accidents happen. If you take your phone with you out on the slopes, on treks, or even just on a stroll through the snowy streets of a city, make it a point to invest in a waterproof cell case – particularly if you’re traveling during the slush season. Waterproof cell cases are remarkably easy to come by, whether you shop at a store for one or order one online, and they’re very often quite inexpensive.

Winter holidays offer a special kind of magic, whether you’re trekking through the Arctic circle of Finland, snowboarding the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, or traveling by train through the United Kingdom. Most of these fun vacation enhancing gadgets are easy and cheap to come by, and will help make your winter vacation more entertaining, comfortable, and exciting.

Shop around online for the best fit and prices – and make sure you order well ahead of your trip! Once your new toys have arrived, enjoy the convenience and comfort they add to your winter holiday.