What To Take In A Trip: Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop?

Of course, all three types of devices differ a lot even among their categories in sizes, types, functions, and many more. It might be hard to strike the right balance for your travel, but it is possible. If you do not want to carry tons of devices with you, then set priorities and consider the pros and cons of each type to make up your mind.


A lot of people confess that basically phone is the only modern tech device they ever needed on a trip, of course we do not talk about working people. Smartphone is a perfect choice if you need to cur on space and weight. Furthermore, if you compare Blackberry price for s smartphone and price for the simplest tablet or laptop, the former option would seem to be the best. But what other pros can you name?


• Multi functionality. Smartphone can be used not only for making calls, but searching the internet or writing SMS as well as a calculator, photo camera, flashlight, MP3 player, and many more.
• Connection. It is very easy to connect though your phone to the internet and it does not require much space for doing so.
• Apps. Hundreds of offline applications available for your phones will come in handy for any kind of trips, for instance, currency converter, translator, navigators, guide books, trackers of your itinerary, and others.

However you should also keep in mind that smartphones tend to have the lowest battery capabilities among all three options.


Tablets have not always been popular, but become extremely useful for travelers in the last few years.


• Most apps would work better on a tablet than on a phone.
• Battery life is definitely one of the greatest advantages of tablets. They tend to have bigger capacity that phone. As a result, you can survive in the jungles with your tablet for a much longer time.
• Working needs. With your phone it is usually not the perfect option to satisfy your working needs, while tablet is literally a small computer. Furthermore, additional keyboard can transform any tablet into a fully functioning computer.

The cons named by frequent travelers include bigger size and so the necessity of a separate bag for a tablet. Most frequently tablets also have worse cameras.


Laptops have become a real breakthrough when were introduced to the market because they simplified all business necessities for working people.


• Internet. As a rule, laptops have more powerful and covering Wi-Fi technologies which allows you to use even the slightest signal.
• Work. Laptops are definitely more comfortable for work needs than any other devices.

Of course, one of the most common reasons why people deny taking their laptops into any trip is the weight which makes it impossible to carry this device all the time. Moreover, if you go to kijiji.ca to compare iPhone prices and MACbook prices, for instance, you will definitely see the difference!

To answer the question “what to choose” we would recommend considering your travel needs and think of what device will satisfy them better.