What To Consider When Building An Outdoor House For Your Pet

Whether it’s part of your current renovation plans or you are looking for a smaller side project to keep you busy over the weekend, a small house for your loved one is always a great addition to your home.

  • Build the Right Size. This tip applies to pet houses both too big and too small. Aim to build a pet house which can comfortably house your loved one, but which doesn’t allow for the accumulation of stale air. If your pet sleeps outside, this space can fill up with cold air. If you are unsure how big your dog will grow, check the Groupon Coupons page for Wisdom Panel to find out more about your dog’s breed.
    • In addition to this tip, while it can seem counterintuitive, be sure to include small holes in the walls of your pet house to encourage a small amount of airflow
  • Keep It Elevated. Remember that water will need to pass under the pet house to prevent it building up and either damaging the pet house or attracting bugs and mold. If possible, try to keep the flooring of the pet hours at least one or two inches off the ground.
  • Make Cleaning Easy. Pet houses, especially ones inhabited by dogs, tend to get smelly. To make cleaning easier, consider installing a hinge on the roof of your pet’s house to give you easy access for cleaning. If you like, consider a fully detachable roof for even easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Choose the Right Position. The last thing that your dog wants is for the opening of their sanctuary to be facing a nasty storm. Look up your regular climate reports and position your pet house so that the back faces the largest amount of storms.
  • Prevent Water Buildup. Speaking of storms, even if you have position your pet house correctly, it is still possible that strong winds will push rain inside. For this reason, it is important that the flooring of the pet house be angled towards the opening. This helps to encourage the flow of water out of your pet’s home.
  • Make It Comfortable. Do you know what humans love? Fresh and clean blankets. Do you know what your dog loves? That old blanket from years ago. When furnishing your pet’s home, remember that it is for them to feel safe and comfortable. Along with fresh and clean furnishings, be sure to include some old favorites to encourage its use.

Designing and building a pet home is a great DIY activity. Consider these tips when designing yours and watch your pet enjoy their new home.