How To Find The Best Flight Prices For A Budget Vacation

We have all seen the regular emails sent every week offering low price on flight around the globe. And while these prices are often enticing, they can still be a little out of reach. But what if there were other ways of getting the same flights, only cheaper?

Hide Your History

If you complete a search for a flight from SYD to LAX, your internet browser keeps a record and reports this to the airline. If, one week later, you complete the search again, the airline remembers that you searched it previously and will offer you a higher price. This higher price is based on the assumption that you are locked into your travel dates and are waiting for a better price.

Instead, look for the private or secret mode on your browser when conducting your online research and keep a separate offline note of the prices and changes.

Compare, Compare, Compare!

It is one thing to have two browser windows open side by side comparing two airlines, but it is quite another to immediately compare 50 airlines against each other.  This is the exact service which flight search companies offer. Online flight searching services provide quick comparisons for flights all over the world. Instead of going to the airline directly, use a travel search engine instead.

Keep a Packed Bag

If an airline has seats to fill at the last minute, you can bet that they will lower the price. Instead of planning a your vacation weeks in advance, keep a bag packed and consider a random last minute destination. During the day, look for extremely low fares leaving that night.

Speaking of bags, If you are going to fly cheap, then you will need to pack light. Start with a new suitcase, like something from the Groupon Coupons page for Madewell. The weight of your suitcase is included in your allowance, so make sure it’s as light as possible before your clothes go in.

Book Your Flights Separately

If you are hoping to fly on a long haul journey, consider breaking up the flight into smaller return flights.

For example, a flight from Australia to Mexico will involve a stop in Los Angeles. Instead of booking the entire trip, take advantage of the cheap return legs. Australia to Los Angeles is a regular trip and is often on sale, and similar for Los Angeles to Mexico. While it may mean a longer transfer in the airport, it’s money better spent on your adventure.

If you are desperate for a vacation, but your budget doesn’t allow it, use these tips to your advantage and enjoy everything that the world has to offer!