Train Hard: TOP 5 Prestigious Sport Clubs In Barcelona

Sport becomes popular in modern society. Barcelona is the city, where people pay much attention to their health, physical condition and healthy food. Sport in Spain is not only football, but many other kinds of every-day sport. The capital of Catalonia offers to go swimming, cycling, fitness, auto sport.

The sport clubs in Barcelona are in form of high-class centers of physical beauty and sport. They give you a perfect condition to go into sport: individual training, SPA-programs, massage, healthy dinner, complex suites of services to help you to get the best result in sport. Meet TOP 5 sport clubs in Barcelona. They can help you to make your hard training into the real pleasure.

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Metropolitan Iradier

Metropolitan Iradier is one of the biggest sport clubs in Barcelona. The territory is huge – more than 10 000 square meters. It offers a unique atmosphere: elegant interior, ancient building, panoramic view. The atmosphere is friendly and hospitable. The guests are offered to visit: Spa-center, decorated in antique style with pools, water beds, hammam, sauna, Jacuzzi, and other healthy procedures; fitness and Pilates studio; swimming pool in the green garden; tennis court; cozy restaurant with glassy terrace; beauty center and nutritionist’s consultation.

The specific feature of this sport center is two big sport territories. One of them is studio for women. The second is ultra-modern and well-equipped fitness hall for hard training. The visitors are offered to use competent consultation of physiotherapist, osteopath. There is a great opportunity to go in sport with your children, parents and other relatives. The club members have free parking. So, this is a good idea to hire a car in Barcelona and use it according to your own needs.

Price for Visit:

Six month ticket is 90 EUR and 123 EUR per month;

Year ticket is 81EUR and 114 EUR per month.

Metropolitan Balmes

Meet the next sport center of Metropolitan chain, situated in the region of Gracia. This fitness-center attracts visitors with modern equipment, big SPA-complex, solarium, and restaurant in the open air. The big amount of group and individual events and trainings are organized there. You may choose what you like – fitness, yoga, aqua aerobics or other variants of training.

The fitness center and studio occupies a big territory. The sport club boasts with interesting and original sport events and master-classes for clients. You have a chance to get a complex of exclusive recommendations about the beauty of your face and body, free solarium and others. The parking is free for all club members.

Price for Visit:

Month ticket is 99 EUR + registration payment 120 EUR.


Holmes Place Balmes

The sport club Holmes Place Balmes is situated in the heart of the city. There is one more sport club of the same name in Madrid. The fitness center is equipped with modern equipment. The professional team of club trainers always takes care of all clients, offering individual programs for them. The sport complex is equipped with sauna, Jacuzzi, hammam, swimming-pool. Holmes Place Balmes works every day from Monday till Sunday.

The clients are attracted with professional consultations on healthy dieting, spa-programs. There is also a consulting center Holmes Place Clinic, where you can take full diagnostics and competent consultations. You can easily fill in the registration form on the web, getting a free invitation to train in the sport center.

Price for Visit:

One training lesson is 65 EUR;

5 group lessons is 50 EUR.


The fitness center occupies a big territory, equipped with modern sport halls for fitness, Pilates, tennis courts, two swimming-pools. There is also a playground for kids, where parents can leave their children under the teacher’s care, restaurant and free parking. The professional team of medical specialists makes the individual program for you. This is your chance to gain good results. The clients are offered to use laundry for additional fee. What is more, there is Social Club a place in the open air, where you can spend time in a good company, playing games.


The summer time is the most pleasant time for sport lovers. There is an open terrace for all club members. You can try yourself in dancing, tennis, swimming for kids and adults.

Price for Visit:

One training lesson is 37 EUR;

One month of group fitness lessons is 230 EUR.

Arsenal Masculino

The group of Arsenal sport complexes is placed in the unique building, assigned for sport training. The fitness centers of Barcelona are situated in different city regions. Each of them is special, different from the rest of others. The sport center Arsenal Masculino gained a lot of international awards. It occupies the territory of 18 000 square meters. What a beautiful city view you can see from the window! This sport club is available just for men auditorium. The friendly atmosphere is made of master-classes, professional meetings, excursions.

The sport club is popular all over the Europe, boasting with its innovative character, and specific architecture. The club members can use SPA-center with big swimming-pools, massage cabinets, cosmetologist, tennis court, golf field in the garden. The territory is organized with the beautiful open terraces to have some rest there.

Price for Visit:

One month ticket is 99 EUR and 240 EUR.

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Sport in Barcelona is very popular activity. The soft warm climate has a good influence over the sport development. The sport events in the open air are available and popular. Do you remember the latest Olympic Games in 1992? That was a successful start to sport development. Barcelona is popular all over the world with its sport infrastructure and sport events.

The city is full of stadiums, football fields, bicycle tracks, skating rinks. Football takes the leading position. Football is compared with religious, way of life, but not only sport. The local football team is one of the well-prepared teams in Europe. The team belongs to the local sport club of the same name – Barca. The sport club has prepared a lot of teams in different sport fields. So, come to Barcelona and do not forget to get into sport. The conditions are more than perfect.