New Look In IT Education: Dozen Of The World-Prestigious IT Universities

IT specialties are the most perspective in the modern world of computer technologies. IT professions are in high demand, especially for young and ambitious. The graduates from IT universities are involved in solving the business questions, technical support, networking and others. The most respectable business companies are in search of good multifunctional IT specialists. So, it is time to meet the rate of TOP advanced IT universities that are recommended to enter for locals and foreigners.

Design of innovative technologies


Swiss universities are TOP rated among all European universities. It is mostly focused on foreign students that are more than 50 000. The education is conducted in English, French and German. Only two of numerous universities are considered to be the most perspective in IT development. As a matter of fact, you can get IT education in every Swiss university.

ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

This university is in the list of the best leading university in Europe and the best research center in Switzerland. Zurich is well-developed economic center by itself. This is a place of birth of many international companies. The mush attention is paid to mathematics, physics and chemistry. The education is mostly focused on climate changes, energetics, innovative technologies and new materials.

PFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)

Polytechnic university from Lausanne is included into the list of TOP 12 educational establishments in Europe. More than 10 000 students come to study here. This is the only one Swiss university that is specialized in getting competent education for engineers, technic specialists. The half of the university professors live in the USA and Europe. The language of education is French. Nevertheless, you can find a couple of educational programs in English. IT education is given on base of the Computer and Communications School. The university graduates are founder of such world popular companies as Synopsys or Logitech.


IТ-education is mostly associated with the USA, the motherland of such big companies as Google Inc., Microsoft and Apple. The universities of this huge company gave the best skilled and gifted programmers to the world. Meet three of them.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious educational establishments in the world. It is mostly famous of research works in the sphere of robototronics. Such programs as engineering, IT, economics, physics, chemistry and mathematics are considered the best in the world here. The programs of IT are based on the engineering faculty. The students meet the main principles of design and functioning of the computer systems. More than 50 groups work in the Lincoln labs.

Stanford University

Stanford University contains all innovative technologies. The graduates of Stanford founded a lot of successful companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems and Instagram. The university boasts with 59 Nobel prize winners, 30 billionaires, 17 astronauts. More than 18 labs were opened specially for students.

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

The University of Carnegie is involved in the exploratory activity in the fields of sciences and technic, IT innovations, robototronics. It is also famous in the spheres of economics, linguistics, management. The university is the world leader in innovative ideas, their start and development, business-startups and successful business projects. The most popular specialties are Informational technologies, management, psychology, financing, economics and languages.


British universities boast with the prestigious scientific centers. Their researches are meaningful for the world development. The skilled specialists, their rich experience are in high demand. There are many companies in the country that are fond of IT technologies development for business.

Mobile Futures

University of Oxford

Oxford University is the oldest English speaking university in the world and the first official educational establishment in Britain. 20 000 are 25% of foreigners. IT and computer technologies faculties take the third honorable place in the world and the first place in Europe. IT learning is taking by Informatics faculty. There is a new interesting faculty – Informatics and Philosophy.

Imperial College London

The Imperial College is research university with 4 main faculties: Business School, School if Engineering, Medicine and Natural Sciences. This educational establishment boasts with the faculty of informatics – the biggest in Britain.

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh University is the biggest educational establishment in Scotland. It takes the 17th position in the world university rate. There are special language courses for all students. About 12 students compete for taking their place in the university here. This place boasts with the best rate of the employment assistance – 96% of graduates find their job for 6 months.

University of Manchester

This university is in the most honorable universities of England after the educational establishments of Oxford and Cambridge. About 27 Nobel prize winners studied here. 25% of students are foreigners. Statistics says that this is the place of the most important scientific works of the 20th century. IT education is conducted by the School of Informatics that is also the oldest IT school in Britain.

University of Manchester Building - Creative Commons

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is the second biggest university in Scotland that was founded in 1451. It is situated in Glasgow – popular Scottish city. The university offers the high educational standards and high quality life for students. Thus, it is not a problem to hire a car in Glasgow and use it every day as public transport. The life is modern here and the employment support is reliable. In short, if you graduated from Glasgow, you are in favor. The school of Computer Sciences and school of Engineering offers to get the high class education in IT sphere. The choice of programs is wide.


Canadian universities give an opportunity to get high class education. It takes the high positions in the world rate of the IT educational establishments. What is more, you can find a lot of colleges that offers to get prestigious IT education for 1-3 years.

University of Toronto

This university is the strongest in the sphere of innovative technologies and research works in the North America. More than 68 000 of students live and study here. IT education is based on the IT faculty, mostly focusing on the innovative lab researches. The university is interested in different startups, courses, programs that are precious for innovative industry.

Fontys University

This university is a unique combination of the world universities, where more than 37 000 of students live and study. The language of education is English. IT courses are divided into different courses: 75% of main course and 25% of additional course. The main course teaches you deep in your future specialty. The additional courses give an opportunity to be strong in arts, economics, technologies.