Get Started With Easeful Business Websites

Get Started with easeful Business Websites

How to Easily Get Started on Your Business Website

A simple page that’s bearing information could do wonders, that’s why it has come to be essential for businesses to start to develop their web presence. Before going through advertisements that are in the magazine, phone, or newspaper, it’s common for your customers browse through your site and get more information concerning your business. Nowadays, it’s easy and cheap building your website. Here are steps you can follow when creating your business site.

  1. Find a Domain Name That Suits You

The first thing to consider when you want to build and launch a website is a domain name. A domain name is defined as an identification (ID) string defining a realm of control, authority, or administrative autonomy within the internet. The procedures and rules of the DNS (Domain Name System) are used to form domain names. Domain names are usually used in different applications and contexts – specific addressing and naming purposes.

A domain name serves an IP (Internet Protocol) resource, like the site itself, a server computer that is hosting a site, or a personal computer that is used in accessing the Internet, or any other service that is communicated through the internet.

  • Your domain name should be short because it will be easier for your users to remember
  • It should match your business name
  • Beware of trademark infringement, do your research well
  • Pick a domain extension that is available and is relevant to your business

There are many domain registration services available nowadays. Bluehost is recommended by WordPress since 2005 as one of the best domain registration services.

  1. Website Hosting Service

It’s an Internet hosting service that allows you and your company to make your website accessible on WWW (World Wide Web). A web host is a company that can provide you with space on a server leased or owned for use by a customer. You will use the server for storing your website. The server usually feeds your web pages on the internet.

In other words, hosting is where the website you will create is going to live. Whenever you visit any site, you will be connecting to the host. The host will send data that are relevant for you to see on your browser. Without hosting, no one will be able to visit your business website. You should look for a web hosting service that suits your needs.

  1. Set up Your Email Address

You should make sure that your customers can contact you. Make sure that you set up and configure an email address that is based on the domain name that you’ll have already acquired.

  1. Plan Your Business Website

The biggest decision that you have to make now is whether you will be selling your service or product directly from the website, or you want to create a website that is a brochure type which only provides additional details on how customers can be contacting your business. You should look at sites of your competitors that are already established that work in a similar sector like you so that it can help you in getting a good idea of how to build your website. Don’t duplicate the website, just use it as a guide.

Once you have the basic idea of how your website should look, you can start building your website. Here are platforms that you can use to help you build your website.

  1. Using WordPress

You should learn how to use WordPress, which is a content management system. It’s a great way to building and running your website without learning every coding aspect. WordPress is the most popular site building platform because:

  • It is Free- It’s an open-source software, meaning that it is community driven. The license for using the software is 100 percent free. WordPress has a hosting package that offers free domain name.
  • You Can Build Two Types of Websites – It is known to be mobile ready. When you decide to build, your site using WordPress, you automatically create a website that is mobile-friendly at the same time.
  • It’s Scalable- The system has the capability of handling the growing amount of your work. Its potential to be expanded so that it can accommodate the growth of your business.
  • User-Friendly- It is simple and easy to use. If you are capable of using the word, you can easily use WordPress for creating, editing, and maintaining a remarkable site.
  • It’s Easy to Install- There are many web hosting services, such as Bluehost that are offering automated, instant WordPress installs. You can have a new site up-and-running in a few minutes.
  • Customizable – It has lots of themes, plug -ins and other customization that you can use to make your business look attractive to your customers.
  1. Joomla

It’s an open-source CMS (content management system) that allows you to build sites. It’s freely available to anyone. It’s user-friendly and mobile-ready, it has many features and designs that you can choose from. Most no-tech savvy people can run a Joomla website without technical support. It’s the second most popular CMS available.

  1. Drupal

It’s the third most popular CMS available. You can use it in both small and large web sites. It’s powerful but complex to use. It’s technically advanced. It’s freely available; you can download the software and install it on your hosting server. For you to use Drupal, you must have a basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, and other web programming languages that are common. You do not have to a specialist, but you must be able to identify code problems and troubleshoot error messages. Unlike WordPress, Drupal doesn’t have a website hosting option. You have to buy your domain name.


Using a web site builder platform is easy, and will help you create the web site for your business in a very short time at a low cost, you don’t have to pay a professional to do create the website for you.