Top 3 Market Places Of Saigon That Deserves A Notice

Saigon, one of the most popular tourist destinations of Vietnam is mostly known for its architecture, natural beauty and native people. But today, you will be learning about the various street markets of this city, which also plays a great role in the daily lives of the people living in here. Market of these areas seems to be in another world, aloof from the rest of the country. The traditional markets of this area don’t exist anymorebecause they have now been replaced by those enormous and high rising shopping centers. But Ben Thanh Market of this place in an exception.

It is more like a tourist market and thus, not much visited by the local people. But still it is as vibrant and fantastic like the other markets of the place and also plays a major role in the lives of common people. Markets of Saigon are extremely organized; they offer their clients with sheer volume and fresh products. A visit to these markets will take you to an entirely different world where there is friendliness and color.

Here are some very famous and popular markets of Saigon:

XomChieu Market:

In comparison to all the other markets outside this XomChieu, this is one of the most horrible looking markets, but still the buzz of people around the market square and the produces will make you forget about every horrible thing you noticed in the market. The Market Square’s outer age is covered with food stalls that sell countless varities of mouthwatering dishes and food items.

BinhTay Market:

This is an exception amongst all the markets you will see in the entire city of Saigon. The exterior of this market is extremely beautiful because it is a Chinese architecture in French style. It’s an enormous building, comes with be-dragoned motifs on the entrances and the porticoes, tiled roofs with beautiful and vibrant colored floras and huge yellow ochre. At the entrance you can find the stalls of fabrics, scarves and bags and later some of the best and most delicious food sections.

BinhDien Market:

Every city that lives mostly on sea food has a market dedicated entirely to the sea foods. This market is entirely dictated to the sea foods and situated in the outskirt areas of the city BinhDien. Small trucks and boats keep on arriving on this place at small intervals, unloading all fresh products from the mighty Mekong River.

These are some of the most popular ones, but there are various other markets in this city that deserves you attention. Cycling in Vietnam can help you explore all these markets in the best possible way. You can also hire a guide along with you; who can introduce all the other places and attractions of the country to you.