Sports Star: 5 Gyms Of New York To Meet A Celebrity

Sports Star: 5 Gyms Of New York To Meet A Celebrity

New York is full of gyms. Among them you will find both budget options and upscale fashionable places, where the world’s wealthiest persons go. By the way, a lot of celebrities prefer to train exactly in the gyms of NY. Would you like to have training alongside such famous people as Jessica Biel, Tony Garrn, Alessandra Ambrosio or David Beckham? Then check out several New York’s gyms where you can meet world-known celebrities…

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is one of America’s top fitness companies. The head office is located in Los Angeles, but due to the incredible popularity of its fitness program, Barry’s Bootcamp has experienced a wide expansion – clubs have appeared in other states of America, reached the UK and even Norway.

Barry's Bootcamp London UK Studio - up lighting

Typically, one lesson includes high intensity exercises (cardio part) and weight lifts (power part). During the training the participants are usually divided into groups – one group runs on the track, while the other actively pulls the weights. This approach is very stimulating, because every time you do something new and the body doesn’t have time to adapt to the load. Barry’s Bootcamp quality mark proves that it’s the favorite sports club of Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Tony Garrn and other celebrities who boast of a good physical condition.

Address: 1216 2nd Ave, New York

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 5.30am-9pm, Friday 5.30am-8pm, Saturday 6.30am-7.15pm, Sunday 7.30am-7.15pm

Aerospace High Performance


Another very popular place among celebrities is Aerospace gym. Its key activity is boxing. One of the owners of the institution, Michael Orlandi Jr. is a former middleweight boxing champion. He invented a special fitness technics called ‘Aero’, which is suitable for almost any person, depending on what kind of results he wants to achieve. The Aero program is divided into 6 groups: Aerosculpt, Aeroimpact, Aerobox, Aerojump, Aerobarre, and Yoaero. The most popular program is Aerobox. Many supermodels, including Victoria’s Secret angels, come there to enjoy Aerobox. The technique is so popular and effective that Victoria’s Secret decided to make Michael Orlandi the personal trainer of their top models. In addition to Victoria’s Secret’s angels, you can see there Hugh Jackman and Josh Hartnett.

Address: 1216 2nd Ave, New York

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 5.30am-9pm, Friday 5.30am-8pm, Saturday 6.30am-7.15pm, Sunday 7.30am-7.15pm


6 Ways To Make Your Next Bike Workout That Much Harder, According To A SoulCycle Instructor

SoulCycle is a large and expensive network of sports clubs based in New York, but it also has branches in other states of America. Indoor Cycling gained a tremendous popularity. About 20,000 people visit them every week. Their famous regulars are David Beckham, Olivia Wilde, Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes, Alessandra Ambrosio, Nicole Kidman, as well as Victoria’s Secret angels. One of the drawbacks of SoulCycle is the lack of subscriptions – even if you are a regular customer of the network, you still need to register for each lesson separately, or purchase a special package option.

Address: 126 Leroy St, New York

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6.30am-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am-8pm

Physique 57

Instructor Jessica Hibler - Miss Tennessee

Physique 57 is a popular ballet-oriented network of sports clubs. All the exercises you do either on the floor with the ball, or at the ballet barre. This program is intended only for women. Physique 57 is a favorite fitness place among many celebrities. Most of the exercises are aimed at stretching and lifting the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks. Exercises are so intense that even a program for beginners is very difficult. If you are a beginner, take only this program. Signature and Amped up programs are simply unbearable for an unprepared body. Physique 57 features four halls for classes in different areas of New York, so you will always find at least one nearby.

Address: 161 6th Ave, New York

Opening Hours: Monday-Tuesday 6.45am-9.30pm, Wednesday-Friday 6.30am-9.15pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm

Powerhouse Gym

Powerhouse Gym is considered to be the legend of the world of bodybuilding, but in this rating we are interested in Powerhouse Gym, which is located in New York. It’s noteworthy that this gym was opened by Bev Francis – the first woman who pressed 300 pounds (136 kg). Powerhouse Gym is called the Mecca of bodybuilding of the eastern coast of the US.


Modern equipment of Powerhouse Gym will satisfy even the most demanding bodybuilder, whether it’s a man or woman. Powerhouse Gym is so popular that such celebrities like Phil Heath, Kai Green, and Jay Cutler often visit it. Powerhouse Gym is open 365 days per year and guarantees 100% high-quality training. In addition to gym opportunities, Powerhouse is the place where different sports clips and movies are shot.

Address: 2298 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island, NY

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 5am-11pm, Friday 5am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am-7pm

Gyms of New York are not only a perfect place to keep fit, but also a way to meet a celebrity. So, it’s a nice idea to rent a car in New York and set off to any of these gyms. Of course, don’t forget your camera for taking selfie with a famous person.