Simple Tips That Can Make Your Beach Vacation A Memorable Experience

Simple Tips That Can Make Your Beach Vacation A Memorable Experience

For many people, a beach vacation involves adventure and an opportunity to relax and unwind. When vacationing on a beach, there are few essential things that you may consider in order to make the experience memorable.

Simple Tips That Can Make Your Beach Vacation A Memorable Experience

Tips for Beach Vacation Packing

If you are going on a vacation on a beach, make sure to pack the following essentials in the suitcase in order to make your trip a fun filled one:

  • A minimum of 2 swimsuits.
  • In case of two piece swimsuits, ensure that they are well matched.
  • Beach or sundresses.
  • Sufficient number of undergarments.
  • Gym shorts, T shirts and tank tops.
  • A skirt, shorts and jeans.
  • The footwear you pack must include a pair each of flip flops, trainer shoes and wedges.
  • A foldable hat.
  • Essential toiletries.
  • Any medications that you may need.
  • Electronic chargers to keep your gadgets running.
  • A hairdryer.

Apart from the above mentioned essentials, you may also carry sunglasses, travel snacks and a book in your hand baggage.

Tips for a Beach Vacation

A beach vacation is meant to be loads of fun. A few simple tips can go a long way in making it more enjoyable.

Storing Electronics

While on a beach vacation, it is important to take care of your electronic gadgets. You can consider storing the electronics in zip locked plastic bags to avoid damaging them while you are on the beach.


Great beach vacations involve spending a lot of time under the sun. To avoid damaging your skin, it is advisable to carry a good sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. It is recommended to apply the sunscreen one hour prior to stepping out on the beach.

Carry First Aid Kits

For enjoyable luxury beach vacations, it is important to be well prepared. Minor scrapes and cuts are common at the beach. Carrying first aid kits along can come handy in such situations.

Avoid Jellyfish

You can get the best luxury beach vacations experience by taking a few precautions. Jelly fish are common on the beaches. It is advisable to avoid areas which have jelly fish presence. This is because the sting of a jelly fish is dangerous and may ruin your vacation.

Few other tips that you may use on your breach vacation include:

  • You can dust the sand from your body by using baby powder.
  • It is advisable to carry some snacks while on the beach.
  • Always swim close to the shore.
  • Use fitted sheets instead of beach towels to lie down on the sand.
  • Carry one or more beach chairs.
  • Head for the beach during the early morning hours to enjoy in the cool water.

A beach vacation can guarantee loads of fun provided a few tips are followed. The tips can enhance your beach experience.

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