How to Pack For Your Trip?

The most convenient way of travelling is to use only backpack, because we could have free hands to do many things. Backpack that we use should have rain cover and properly waterproofed. During a trip in areas with high precipitation, it quite likely that we will encounter rain, so we need to choose proper type of backpack. To improve security, we shouldn’t choose backpack with top opening. The backpack must be properly secured against theft, especially when it will be transported through the airport conveyor belts. Even if there’s no danger of theft, it is possible that clips can be damaged by the conveyors. It means that the backpack should be able to endure all kinds of abuses without being damaged. Cheap backpack won’t be able to withstand heavy-duty usages. It would be both troublesome and embarrassing if the backpack suddenly bursts open. Even if the backpack is fully loaded, it should be properly comfortable with sufficient padding and cushion on the straps. Improper straps could cause bruising on our shoulders, especially if we wear thin shirts.

 Unfortunately, backpack can be quite annoying in cramped areas, such as in smaller propeller airplanes and busses. With a large backpack, it is more likely that we will bump into people. For this reason, many people decide to ditch backpacks during their subsequent trips. In this case, we may consider bringing medium-sized suitcase. This is especially true if we plan to move around through the country. If we have good quality suitcase, we shouldn’t be concerned by the condition of our suitcase. It is true that suitcase will require our arm to hold it, but it will relieve our back. Wheeler suitcase can be dragged around with much less effort. Unfortunately, suitcase can be quite a pain to carry when we walk up or down the stair. Doing this in the busy and humid environment of South East Asia or Central America may not be a pleasant experience. This is an important thing to consider and we should make sure that we choose the type of luggage that is appropriate for the destination country. In less developed countries that still don’t have even and paved surfaces in many places; it is a good idea to use backpack.

The type of luggage that we carry could also determine our appearance. Backpacker will make people see us casual travellers, while people who carry suitcases will look classier and businesslike. Backpackers can have bad name in some countries. They are often associated with younger people with loutish behaviours, as well as being less disciplined. People who travel light, can even bring their backpack each time they go outside the hotel. They may purchase cheap clothing, toiletries and other affordable items at the destination area, instead of bringing them from home. These items can be thrown away at the garbage bins when travellers go back home. However, by behaving properly, even if carry a backpack; it is likely that we will be accepted well in any country.