Professional Icons Of Indian Cities

Whenever you think of Kathakali, you would remember Kerala. This is not just for arts. Here is a different view of major Indian cities with respect to the professions.

Professional Icons Of Indian Cities

The land of Bawarachi – Hyderabad

Though there are a lot of attractions in Hyderabad, this city is famous for its cuisine. This is the place for biriyani. Thus, the profession icon that comes to my mind when I think Hyderabad is chef.

The land of Neta – New Delhi

New Delhi is a concrete jungle with a lot of marvels. But, all tourists would never miss the parliament building. This land is concentrated with election and government. Thus, New Delhi’s iconic profession is politics.

The land of Bollywood – Mumbai

Mumbai is the Tinsel Town of India. Those who want to shine in India Cinema industry used to head towards Mumbai. Bollywood is famous all over the world and thus Mumbai is considered to be the land of actors

Land of authors – Kolkata

With the rich history of journalists during the independence, today, Kolkata stands as place that can be described as the land of the Lekhak.

Land of the musician – Shillong

Shillong is the land of music. It is called as the Rock capital of India. People have a great passion for music and poetry. Thus, it is right to offer musician as the professional icon for Shillong.

Land of bartender – Goa

If someone wants to enjoy a wonderful and luxurious night life, Goa is the best place. The place is always bubbling with parties, pubs and other recreational activities related to alcohol. Thus, the professional icon for Goa is bartender.

Land  of doctor – Chennai

Starting from Apollo hospital to MIOT center, Chennai has become the place where domestic and international tourists visit for medical tourism. It is apt to place the stethoscope on Chennai and call it the land of doctor.

Land of software engineer – Bangalore

Bangalore is a hub where the software engineers are found mostly. There are a lot of international and domestic companies in the software field in Bangalore to support such a crowd. Thus, Bangalore is the land of software engineer.

Land of Businessman – Ahmadabad

People in Ahmadabad would involved be in one business or the other. This land is filled with large and small time businessmen and the professional icon for this land is businessman.

Land of priest – Varanasi

Varanasi is a land that is filled with spiritual places for Hindu. A lot of water bodies in Varanasi are considered to be holy and thousands of people end up in Varanasi as a priest. Thus, the place can be considered as the land of priest.

Land of wrestler – Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the land that holds the association for wrestling federation of India. Many young wrestlers from Chandigarh take up the wrestling profession. Thus, the professional icon for Chandigarh is wrestler.

Land of teacher – Kota

You can make a day out of visiting all the universities and educational centers in Kota. With the vast educational institutions comes the demand for teachers. This is the land of teachers.

This is a personal opinion and a creative thought of mind. This article has no intention to hurt the sentimental feeling of those who live in these magnificent cities of India.