Bathroom Renovation Tips & Ideas

When looking to buy a house, the bathroom is one of the main selling points, we spend a lot of time in this room and as such we have pre-conceptions of our ideal space. Prospective buyers tend to go after modern, stylishly designed, well-renovated bathrooms – with a similar look and feel to the bathrooms you find in upmarket and boutique hotels.

But many bathroom renovations don’t go to plan, leaving people with a bathroom that costs a lot and isn’t quite right rather than the one of their dreams. If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s key that your bathroom is renovated to a high level, because buyers will certainly notice if it isn’t.

Bathroom Renovation Tip

There are several things to consider when it comes to renovating your bathroom:

General Renovation

Avoid expensive mistakes with‘Cowboy Plumbers’

At the moment, the industry isn’t properly regulated, which means some ‘plumbers’ have just completed a short online course and then called themselves a plumber. However, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE) has a strict membership policy. At least 10 years of experience is required so ensure you do the correct background checks. Hiring a plumber who’s registered with the CIPHE will put your mind at ease because of the experience and skills you know they possess.

Water Softening and Conditioning

This isn’t necessarily a visual, but it does help in terms of maintenance. Water softeners and conditioners work in slightly different ways, however their main function is still the same – reducing the buildup of limescale. They are now easier to install and can be fitted anywhere throughout the house. They won’t just save you money (long term), they’re also bound to improve the quality of your shower.

Water Pressure

Low water pressure may mean you can’t have the shower mixers or shower heads you desire. Rainfall showerheads, for example require good water pressure or they won’t work correctly. House buyers will always check the water pressure when they browse homes, usually by turning on various taps on showers and sinks. If you don’t think your water pressure will live up to expectations, install a water pump in your home.

Design Inspiration

If you want to give your bathroom a full makeover or just want to make minor improvements but struggling to find inspiration, you should consider making use of Pinterest. It’s a useful website for finding inspiration and ideas. Browse our own Pinterest page as a guide to get you started.

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