Plan Your African Safari Now

Plan Your African Safari Now

Africa is a beautiful continent that is full of many unique thing to do. The continent has lots of world class resorts and more importantly they have several safaris that tourist can choose from. Before you book your vacation, There are a few things you may want to consider to ensure a safe and memorable safari experience and here are some of the most important ones:


Like most industries, there are con artists in African tourism industry, especially safari trips. Before shelling out your hard earned money, you would need to do your homework, search for online reviews about the company or companies you would like to use to plan your vacation, is a good source to use to see if a company is legitimate.


Before you book your safari, research the country you are going to, quite a number of African nations are battling civil war and boast high crime rates among other things. There are also a few militant groups in operation in certain areas of Africa; engaging in illegal activities such as kidnapping and theft so conducting a research on the places you want to visit should atleast almost guarantee that you would come back in one piece.

Safari Locations

Classic Tarzania

This package includes eight days and seven nights experience in Tanzania. Tourists can explore the beautiful Serengeti, the price ranges from $6,186 to $16, 833. Tourists will get a chance to experience The Great Plain of Africa, you and your family will get a chance to see the African wildlife and visit one of the continent’s famous craters, Ngorongo Crater, the home to 30,000 animals. This will be a perfect opportunity to photograph many of the continents wildlife and learn about Tanzania. If you like the idea of capturing a predator ripping his or her teeth into a small animal, then you will love the Classic Tanzania safari.

Alamana Wilderness Camp

This particular camp takes place in Tanzania’s Serengeti as well, tourist will have the luxury of camping outdoors in the African forest. The camp features nature drives-one of the best experiences you would have while in the forest.

Types of Safari

Safaris can be extremely expensive, however travelers can plan a vacation that suits their needs with a few modifications.

Luxury Safaris

Luxury safaris are extremely expensive, tourists can expect to pay thousands of dollars a night, but more than likely, they will get an all inclusive plan. Perks that come with this type of safari is quality meal, top of the line lodging and transportation along with many other benefits. These tours can easily cost $1,000 a night.

Overland or Mobile Safari’s

This particular safari is tailored for persons with a smaller budget, but still want a to have a good time on a safari. With reduced cost, tourists are expected to assemble their own tents and chip in with other guests (for about $20 U.S.) The fee covers an individual’s food and entry fees to selected sites. But this comes with another downside as sometimes, tourists may be required to help with chores around the camp site.

Africa is full of safari’s, the two that are mentioned above are just examples. There are some safaris that are dedicated to selected animals as well. For example there is a safari dedicated to camels (Kenya, Mali, and Tunisia are a few countries that can offer “only” camels tours). There are other types that include horseback safari, where he or she can enjoy riding with the zebras and antelopes in the wild on the safari. Now that you are armed with good knowledge on African safari, plan your next holiday in Africa and you will live to cherish the memories.

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