Long-term Vacationing In Australia

Long-term Vacationing in Australia

Have you recently taken a vacation to Australia? If you’re already trying to figure out when you can visit again, you might want to think about taking a long-term vacation. Why not spend a year there? Of course, spending a year in Australia means that you’ll have to apply for a visa, look for a place to live, and find a job.

Applying for a Visa

Getting migration help right from the start is a great idea. It can be hard to figure out what kind of travel visas you’re eligible for and how to start the application process. Although it depends on your age, country of residence, and other factors, chances are that anyone you talk to about getting migration help will recommend applying for a “Work and Holiday” visa, which will allow you to live and work in Australia for up to a year. Then, as long as your visa doesn’t specify that you aren’t eligible for a further stay, you can apply for a different visa if you decide to stay for longer than a year.

Finding a Place to Live

Since you’ll be staying in Australia for a long period of time, finding a place to stay will be a little bit different than other vacations you’ve taken. First, you should ask yourself where you want to live. Are you planning on living in Sydney for your whole stay, or do you want to live in a bunch of cities and towns for a couple of months at a time? While living in many different places may sound fun, it might be less stressful to stay in one place. To keep expenses down, you may want to consider living in a city or large town. Staying in a populated area will help you resist buying a car or renting one too often. This will also help you find work.

Looking for Work

If you stay in Australia for a year or more on a visa, you’ll have to work different jobs. Working over six months for the same employer is not allowed. If you ignore this rule, you may end up getting your visa revoked and going home sooner than you planned. Finding a job in Australia is very similar to finding a job anywhere else. You can use the internet or look at the employment section in a local newspaper. You can even use a job placement agency. Since you won’t be able to work for any employer for more than six months at a time and will be in Australia on a visa, be prepared to take jobs that pay less than the one you have now.

Taking an extended vacation in Australia is a great idea for adventurous individuals. When you stay in a country for more than a few weeks at a time, you really become immersed in their culture. As long as you plan ahead, your time abroad will be an experience you’ll never forget.

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