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An Overview: Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary 

You can experience pure nature in Kerala, there is no better way than a visit to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is not only one among the largest animals in reserves in the country, it is a much sort after destination also. Amidst the Cardamom Hills in the Western Ghats at about 900-1800m, you would experience the cool temperature here, ranging between 15 to 30 degrees. Just make sure to pack warm clothes if you visit this place.

Although each animal sanctuary spotting tigers is unlikely that these days, you would have a fair chance of crossing paths with gaur, wild boar, sambar, elephants and an array of birds. To plan the best time for a visit during the dry season, which falls in the months of December to April. The nearest village to this reserve is Alappuzha.

While you are here you have several options in front of you. Since Alappuzha is now a tourist hub, ask to provide travel agents or your hotel tours. There are several tours available outside the park, where you would be able to visit tea factories, take spice plantations and elephant rides in claim. You could also take a boat trip, decide that is what a nice way to panoramic views over the entire area. However, during the day they are quite crowded, so the 07-trip catch would be ideal to rest and the beauty of this place.

If you are an outdoorsy person, then you could go on a guided walk accompanied by tribal leaders. The length of these trips can vary from 3 hours to 3 days depending on your taste. In addition, the Forest Department also organizes tours that you could take, for a booking with the Eco Tourism Centre is need to make in Ambadi Junction. Another way to get a close look at the animal world is through a bamboo rafting trip, which would be exciting as well as more eco-friendly means of getting around the sanctuary. Or you could settle for a jeep safari that would take you through the jungle and the circumference of the park.

While you’re here, you could stay the sanctuary itself. However, make a note that it makes it more expensive accommodation and you must reserve in advance. If you stay a quieter place prefer, you can opt for the smaller hotels in the periphery of the park, the. Overlooks the forest

Alappuzha can be reached either by bus or car from Kochi can hop that will last for 6 hours, or Kottayam Munnar that would take 4 hours. The way to your destination would be spectacular and breathtaking. In the event that you rent a car, would reduce travel time and you would have an opportunity, a lot of pictures as well.

This nature reserve is one with the beautiful example of the miracles that Mother Nature has equipped Kerala. Just make sure you do not miss this target in your Kerala Tour Packages.