Intuitive Inventory Management

Intuitive Inventory ManagementAs the company grows, its inventory starts growing as well and it can be a very daunting task to manage the warehouse properly without any warehouse management software. LoMag is an intuitive inventory management program that is developed to make warehouse management simple and easy. It is a simple tool that is perfectly suited warehouse management in small scale and medium scale companies. It is an extraordinary program for the companies which need an efficient warehouse management system. The program is so efficient that is allows you to manage more than one inventory and also provide an option to work on several computers at the same time. You can import and export the data from the program in the form of Excel sheet as well as PDF files. It is a user friendly program that features with standard Windows component such as toolbars, menus and various other controls similar to Windows, thus making it an easy to use program.

It is effective software that finds its use in almost every type of enterprise. Some of the major areas in which the program is efficiently used are:

  • Warehouse management and resource usage management in the service companies.
  • Quantity of products and materials and listing of prices in the production companies.
  • Extensive listing of the stock levels in the trading companies.
  • Maintain equipment registers in offices and institutions.
  • Consumption of the material in the construction companies.
  • Warehouse reserves in the catering, restaurants and hotels.

The software is also compatible with label printers, barcode readers, collectors, FIFO and LIFO. The program also comes with a label designer that allows you to create own labels and address stickers with ease. There is also a facility that allows you to set the precision of the calculation according you your needs i.e. the number of decimal places for the prices can be adjusted.