Top Tips For Moving Internationally

Top Tips For Moving Internationally

If moving within Canada wasn’t enough, it becomes even more stressful if you’re moving internationally, for example, to the U.S or even to another continent. Apart from the thought that you won’t be able to have your daily fix of Tim Horton’s, there are plenty of other things that you need to think about before, during and even after the move. Here are the top tips for moving internationally and staying organised and stress-free.

  1. Be Clever with how you Pack

If you’re flying to your new home, it will just get incredibly expensive if you can’t limit the amount of things that you take. In order to create as much space as possible, be smart with how you pack your clothes and other items. Roll up shirts, trousers, underwear and anything else that can be squashed down to a much smaller size. Stuff items into your boots and shoes in order to save even more space, if you’re taking pans, mugs and other kitchen items, fill them with other smaller things.

  1. Don’t take things you don’t need

Unless they really have value to you, you don’t need to take them. It’s better to sell a lot of your things beforehand on eBay or Craiglist or even in a local jumble sale rather than take all your belongings. You’ll end up paying more to transport them internationally than you would if you just bought them brand new when you arrive at your destination! Take the things you really need or those that hold sentimental value and cannot be replaced.

  1. Don’t Keep things in Storage

There are plenty of self-storage companies in Canada which will try and sell you their storage space. They’ll tell you that you should keep your belongings in storage and then come back and collect them at a later date. However, you might as well just pay to have them transported with you and the rest of your stuff right now. Storing items will only make it more expensive, and when you do decide to ship them internationally, you’ll still have all the fees to pay. Save money by biting the bullet early on rather than deciding later.

  1. Choose a Reliable Company to Help

You can make things a lot easier and more stress-free if you choose a reliable company to help you with the move. Companies such as offer a variety of services and can help you to ship all your belongings internationally. Before choosing a company, research their prices, what they offer, and remember that sometimes it’s better to pay a little extra and get a better service where your items will be looked after and you’ll feel like a valued customer.