How Violence in Media Could Endanger the Society?

How Violence in Media Could Endanger the Society?

We have heard how violence in games, films and TV shows could cause harmful effects in the society. Obviously, actual acts of violence are illegal and frequent depictions could cause harm to the heart and soul of our community. Images of violence could corrupt the mind of young people, creating hatred, bitterness and anger. It has been argued that people were much kinder decades ago when shows were much less violent. In this case, it is a good idea to gauge the long-term effects of consuming violent content over a lifetime. In a modern society, it is much more likely for people to born with many violent entertainment performances shown in the media.

We often think that we are living in a sophisticated, modern society. However, in terms of the morality of our culture, we are dead last, compared to less complicated societies around the world. Many young people are enjoying questionable music styles, such as gangsta rap and anti-social rock music. In a less modernized society, such a debate is a no-brainer and nearly everyone would agree that violent content should be excluded from the media. However, in a more liberal society, people can be quite overwhelmed by this debate. Their basic common sense is often confronted by a kind of twisted logic. We often see how freedom of speech is included as a way to allow more violent entertainment to be shown.

In reality, violence in media is lumped with sexual content, which make it riskier to watch, especially among young audience. Religious rights often see this as an indication of sinful living among modern society. Although it has been argued that the solution for this problem is better education, it is clear that education alone won’t be able to counteract negative factors. The implications in the society can be quite staggering and modern culture is increasingly seen as a darker form of culture. Movies are more violent, because people want to see something that’s realistic. Comparing Rambo: First Blood and Rambo IV, we will see significant increase of violence and gore.

People no longer want to see simpler signs of violence, because they seek realism. It is no longer enough to show dark patch of blood on someone’s clothing after he is shot. People want to see decapitated bodies and more realistic depictions. Although it is debatable whether people are getting less kind, polite and nice, people are simply craving for more violence when they watch TV and film or play games. In video games, violence is also incredibly common and things have become much more complicated than during the days of Space Invaders. In essence, gamers are also committing the pseudo-violent acts. It could mean that violence could become more ingrained in our psyche as we are playing these games more frequently.

For sane-minded people, it is certainly a better idea to stop watching scenes of killings and torture, which seem to delight millions of viewers. Sadly, take a poll of how people would like to see more “realistic” form of entertainment and we could be shocked by the numbers.