Why New Singers Should Cover Songs in YouTube?

It is not easy for singers to get themselves noticed by major record labels. However, one very easy way to improve their popularity is by distributing their works in social media platforms. YouTube is an important part of the Internet and it allows people to freely upload videos and music. Without having to spend time in expensive studios for pre-production and recording, many amateur singers are able to get renowned by singing directly in front of the camera. They literally record themselves with a home camera and get millions of views, because they sing really well. They don’t even need to sing their original songs, these singers usually sing cover version of the popular songs.

In fact, it isn’t necessary for these singers to get proper legal rights to sing specific songs. They can publish cover songs freely on YouTube. This activity is worth the effort if the singer has excellent voice and good performances. However, they should be wary of obtaining money from advertising through this method, because the original copyright owners could apply lawsuits. But, we do this thing properly, we should be able to gain a profitable income. Low-budget videos are simple to produce and we are able to get millions of hits. By qualifying for YouTube Partnership status, it is possible for singers to gain some revenue, but this shouldn’t be their goal if they still cover others’ songs.

Creating interesting videos for YouTube can be performed cheaply and this will allow us to get enough subscribers and hits. This will cover production costs and we should be able to get noticed more. Eventually, if we have many views and hits, it is nearly impossible for record label execs not to notice us. Performances in YouTube should be combined with other social media presences and we should make sure that profiles can be kept fresh. Websites like Reverbnation, SoundCloud and others allow us to upload, sell, link and synchronize songs. They could also integrate with YouTube and Facebook. This will allow us to get in touch with the whole network of national or international producers.

We will be able to establish our network, without getting to know these people physically. It is an essential thing to do if we want to gain contacts and exposure. We should know how each website works and how they actually work. Our social media presence should be made complete whenever possible. We could spend only one hour each week to configure our social media profiles. This will bring us plenty of benefits in the long run. In general, promoting ourselves in YouTube and other social media platforms is a very affordable thing to do. There are excellent added values and we will be able to gain massive results if we do things properly.

New singers need to be active in YouTube if they want to be in this game. Others have used YouTube and other social media platforms effectively to get all the available opportunities. Without making a presence in social media, this may sound like a career suicide.