How To Take A Baby On Long Train Journeys

Sometimes, the long train journeys cannot be avoided. They are a cheaper option than flights and hence become the first option to many and the only option to many more. It is all fine and dandy when you are travelling alone but when you have a kid with you, it makes things very difficult. A little baby can start to get uncomfortable and make even start crying. This happens more often that you might think. You yourself might have been a traveller on a train and you might have got angry when a baby starts to cry at odd times in the night. So, it is better to be prepared when you are travelling with a baby in a train.

Let us see some tips on how to do the same –

Use a Pacifier

Always carry a pacifier for your baby when you are travelling in a train on a long journey. Pacifiers are inserted into the baby’s mouth so that they stop crying. Babies at times cry at all the wrong times like when everyone else in the bogey is sleeping. This can be difficult not only for the people in the bogey but for you as well as you try to control the baby.

When your baby starts crying, just take out a pacifier and put it in the mouth of the baby. Pacifiers have a good soothing effect on the babies and hence can be quite useful in these situations.

Carry a Comforter

Comforters are just warm blankets that are soft for the baby to hang to. Babies like to hang on to a warm and comfy object when they are uncomfortable. Sometimes it can get pretty cold within a train whether you are in the air-conditioned bogey or the general one. So, using a comforter for the baby to hang on to can be really helpful.

Like a pacifier, a comforter also has a soothing effect on the baby. When the baby starts to cry, you can wrap up the little one in a comforter and he or she will be pacified.

Carry Baby Food

Babies can get cranky in a train when they do not get enough food. Babies do need a lot of food as they are in a growing state. So, when in a train and they get hungry, they will just start to cry and disturb everyone in the bogey.

To avoid this bad situation, you always need to carry baby food with you. When you see your little one getting a cranky because of hunger, then you need to quickly feed them some baby food. This can reduce a lot of pain when it comes to keeping your baby quiet on a long train journey.

You can even use a railway restaurant to feed your baby.

Check the Diaper

One of the biggest reasons why babies cry and create a ruckus in a moving train is uncleaned diapers. When a baby’s diapers are not cleaned, they will start to get irritated and hence might start to cry. To avoid this whole situation with the diaper, you need to regularly check on the diaper and change it often.

You can use the washrooms in the trains so that you have some privacy while you are checking and changing your babies’ diaper.

Softer and more comfortable diapers are seen to reduce the amount of crying in kids. So, you can go for a softer brand.

Therefore, you have just learnt the different things you need to keep in mind to make sure that your baby has a good train journey and you won’t face any problems because of your baby.