The Biggest Trends Set To Hit The App Development World

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Over 179 billion mobile applications are downloaded each year – a figure that is set to rise. So, it’s no secret that Mobile App Development is one of the most actively growing, innovative sectors around – and something that all companies should be looking at investing in.

Though the market is currently largely dominated largely by Google apps like Gmail, Maps, Search, Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Gaming apps like Candy Crush, companies everywhere are starting the embrace mobile tech.

So what will the big trends in this exciting industry be in 2017?


Augmented reality apps are thought by many to be gimmicky, but as they start to integrate with utility apps, they are quickly becoming some of the most actively engaging apps out there today. Their big benefit to business is that they help to boost the customer engagement that millennial customers desire. Innovative App development companies like Apadmi will see a shift in this direction in the coming years.


As mobile phones continue to evolve into purses and wallets, security is without a doubt a major concern—rightfully so. App Developers have put security in 2017 at the top of their priority list.


More and more developers are starting to embed Artificial Intelligence into their apps. This tech could be groundbreaking for mobile commerce, bringing forth apps that shop for you based on what you like. Imagine having your personal shopper, right on your phone.


With SO many major brands like Domino’s, ASOS, Starbucks, and so many others seeing success with consumer facing mobile apps it only makes sense that small businesses will follow suit. In fact, it is said that more than 50% of small businesses will be looking to create a mobile app in 2017.


Instant apps are the latest app-abandonment solution. Google’s new technology allows apps to run instantly when they are needed – with no downloading or installing. Users will be able to simply search, find an app, use the app, and then move on. Instant apps are the perfect for that fast mobile experience we all crave.