How To Play Football Stock Market Games

Football stock market games are huge amounts of fun. However, since they are a relatively new thing when it comes to the world of gambling, it can be very difficult to know how to play them. That is why we have put this page together. We have packed it to the brim with advice so you know what to do when it comes to playing football stock market games.

What are Football Stock Market Games?

With these games, you will be buying shares in a player. In most cases, these shares will take place over a single game, but there are some shares which will last the whole season. Like in the real stock market, the value of the share will go up and down based on how well the ‘asset’ is performing. At the end of a pre-defined period, you will be able to cash out on the player. You could make a sizeable amount of cash when you do this.

How To Play Football Stock Market Games

An Example

In order to better understand how football stock market games work, it is probably worth going thorugh an example of a situation. Let’s say you do this (we are going to value in £s)

  • You purchase 10 shares in a player before a match kicks off. These are valued at £0.90 per share. So, you are going to be paying £9 for them. The value of the player will start off at zero. These figures may change slightly based upon the player.
  • As they play the game, the value of the player will go up or down. In most cases, it will just go up. The factors that determine how far the price will rise will be dependent on the player. In most cases, the price will go up when they are part of an assist or if they score. The amount of increase will be dependent on the system that you work with. It will normally be a couple of pound for a goal.
  • Along the way, you will be able to buy or sell your players. Basically, you will be able to ‘cash out’ on your trade and make some money. Or, you can take the risk to see if they will continue to be a brilliant player.

Why Play Stock Market Games?

One of the reasons as to why people gravitate towards stock market is because they tend to be a bit more fun than standard betting. This is because you will be focused on the performance of a specific player as opposed to everybody else on that team. The team could be playing absolutely abysmal, but as long as the player that you choose continues to perform, then the value of the player will continue to rise. This means that you can make money, even if their team ends up losing by a massive amount.

It is easy to get invested in the market too. The share prices tend to be pretty low!