Top Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Team Sports

There’s no shortage of team sports out there for your child to join, no matter their skill level. From hockey to lacrosse to even synchronized swimming, there’s something for everyone, and with child obesity on the rise, it sure makes sense to put your kid in sports for purely physical reasons.


But what about all the other benefits of team sports?


Team sports are about more than just keeping fit; it helps foster team working, self-confidence, social skills, among other things. And choosing the right sport for your child is just as important as having the right shorts—help your kid find their team sport that makes them happy, and watch them thrive!


  1. Learning to Listen

One of the best things about team sports is that it teaches kids to be teachable. Having a coach from an early age can help teach kids to respect adults like their teachers and parents. Later on, this will help them with part-time jobs, going to university, and eventually working for tough bosses.


  1. Being Social

Team sports are as much about physical exercise as they are about social interaction. For kids that are growing up in a world of video games and hours on the computer, these hours are key for helping them develop social skills in real life with their teammates.


  1. Camraderie

Playing on a team is a great way for a kid to experience camaraderie with others. Feeling like they’re in it together no matter what happens helps them trust each other and develop friendships outside of school with people they might not have a lot in common with.


  1. Sense of Belonging

Giving a child a sense of belonging by joining a team is a fantastic way to increase their self-confidence and happiness. It’s tough to be a kid; they endure intense social pressure every single day. The simple act of being on a team and being accepted can take away the pressure and stress, and let them just be a kid again.


  1. Setting Goals

Team sports can help kids learn to set goals and work to achieve them. It might be as simple as wanting to improve their soccer dribbling, or joining Dad twice a week on his jog to help improve their endurance. Working to achieve these goals helps them learn time management, planning, strategy, dedication, and so much more.


  1. Working with Others

Working with difficult people is a fact of life; getting used to it early with team sports is a great way to prepare your child for the realities of life. They’ll learn how to work as a team despite personality conflicts, which will help them succeed throughout their entire life.


  1. Dealing with Disappointment

Life isn’t fair, and there’s no better way to learn this valuable lesson than by playing team sports. There are going to be games they should’ve won, biased referees, hard work that just didn’t pan out, and sore losers. Dealing with disappoint by moving on or letting it fuel improvement is something team players learn very quickly, and it can help them down the line with greater disappointments like being passed over for a promotion or failed relationships.