How to Make Healthy Homemade Dog Foods?

Dogs have been our loyal partners for thousands of years, even before people spend a lot of money of canned dog foods. In the past, dogs are simply told to find their own food and only in recent centuries, packaged dog foods become a common commodity. At this time, more and more people are getting concerned about ingredients for these dog foods. In reality, understanding the nutritional needs for our dogs is quite easy and we should be able to provide enough food at home. However, many people believe that such a concern has been taken care of by those dog food manufacturers. Many of us are convinced that dog can’t eat food for human. Although, it is true in some cases, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t make dog food at home. There are a few things to consider before we make dog food at home:

Cooked or raw

In many cases, we could feed our dog raw meat whenever possible and it could actually handle food that’s literally disgusting for us. In fact, dogs could bury their food for a few days to increase the level of vitamin B.

How to Make Healthy Homemade Dog Foods


Uncooked bones won’t become splinters and injure our dogs, so this kind of food shouldn’t be a problem. Uncooked bones should be considered part of what our dogs eat.


Dogs are actually omnivores and they can hang around with people and eat things that we eat. Although dogs won’t go look for grass to eat, it will still happily munch on a few tasty biscuits made from refined flour. In this case, grains can still be a part of diet for our dogs.

Organic or standard Food

In any case, dog food producers want to maximize profit and shelf food, while minimizing the overall cost of production. Some of the ingredients may not be “organic”, but it still acceptable to provide organic food for our dog, because any animal would benefit from more natural, fresh food.

There are steps we could do to keep our dogs healthy and happy. It is possible to combine bones, raw meat with little scraps of vegetables and grain-based food. Although most human foods are safe for dogs, we should avoid feeding them onions, chocolate, raisins and grapes. These foods could cause discomfort and may even be particularly fatal for our dogs. It should be relatively easy to omit such foods in the bowl for our dog. It is possible to feed our dog only once day until it has a full belly. Overall, dogs have versatile diet and we should be able to accommodate their nutritional needs. Some foods, such as, chocolate, can be particularly harmful and we should tell our children not to give chocolate to the dogs. Many cases of dog poisoning are caused by interaction between children and dogs. Our kids may drop a chunk of chocolate on the grass and this could cause severe symptoms in our dogs.