Glamping: What It Is and How To Do It

Everyone in the camping world has heard the word “glamping” tossed around in the recent past. This new, trendy camping trend is so popular that the word “glamping” was added to the Oxford dictionary. So what exactly is glamping? This term has been used to describe the new trend in the camping world that involves luxury tents and amenities. Glamping is popular at music festivals around the world. It’s ideal for those who want the camping experience without the messier, uncomfortable side.

RV camping is considered the original glamping, with increased convenience and comfort. But now, glampers are renting fully furnished, deluxe tents equipped with king size beds and lighting. These tents usually run for about $200 a night and are popular on the West Coast. These cabin-like tents offer features like heating, bathrooms and electricity. Glamping has taken over, with sites all over the world from Africa to Europe to Asia. Online portals have made booking glamping trips easy and affordable.

Why is glamping so popular? Besides the luxury amenities, these modernized camp-sites are eco-friendly and offer a completely unique camping experience. Many glamp-sites utilize composting and solar-powered devices. They offer the comfort of a hotel room while being immersed in nature. You can select your level of luxury when searching for the perfect glamp-site online. Some sites offer just heating and bedding, whereas some offer spa services and meals.

Are you ready to dip your paw into the world of glamping? If you’re interested in trying it out in the US, The Resort at Paws Up is a popular venue in Greenough, Montana. This resort features one and two bedroom tents with personal butler and chef access. This glamp-site is ideal for families, couples or singles who want to experiment with glamping while having all the amenities of a resort.

The range of glamp-sites cost anywhere from $50 to $2500 a night, so make sure to do some research beforehand so that there are no surprises. For most sites, you will only need what you would typically bring to a hotel. If you’re going somewhere that gets cooler at night, make sure your tent is heated!

Next up, make sure that you have an itinerary of activities to keep you or your family occupied throughout the day. An easy way to do this is to read reviews of the area or of the glamp-site itself. If guests enjoyed their stay, they’ll be more than welcome to share activity ideas.

If you can’t afford to stay at a luxury glamp-side, just bring some glamour to traditional camping! You can purchase an affordable air mattress, candles, champagne and fancy cheese to make your own tent feel fancier. Always remember to bring a tarp to place under your tent to avoid mud and moisture from creeping inside. During the day, make sure your tent is zipped shut so that bugs don’t fly in.

Renting an RV for a few days can make all the difference for campers who are looking for a more luxury experience as well. RV camping can provide more shelter and ease for those who aren’t looking to rough it. An RV is secure and sturdy, and removes the concept of a “port-a-potty” from your camping trip. Make sure to be aware of your generator capacity before you embark on a camping trip. Nothing ruins the glamping mood faster than a shot generator from using too many devices at once.

Whether your budget allows you to stay in a Yuri in France or just make some changes to your regular camping routine, glamping offers a totally unique experience that you won’t soon forget.

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