From Carry-on To Cargo: What You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without On An Airplane

Whether you’re on your way to a fantastic vacation or you have to fly often for work, having a few little things can make a huge difference. These five airplane essentials will guarantee you to have brighter flight.

High Quality Luggage

No matter what you have packed for your trip, make sure you keep it protected with the proper luggage. Basic luggage is well suited for carrying clothes, but if you’re a serious traveler and plan to bring camera, lighting, sound or other A/V equipment, consider an Allcase Road Case.

Cheez-it’s: The Family Size Box

The glamour days of flying are over. These days, you’ll be lucky to get a bag a peanuts on your flight. If you tend to get hungry, plan ahead and pack a snack. Bite sized foods that taste good at room temperature are your best option. For example, you could bring almonds, chocolate, or a granola bar. However, if you are planning on a full day of travel, upgrade to the family size snack items; You will thank us later.

Spare Clothes

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of lost luggage, but the unfortunate reality is that sometimes your bag might not show up at the baggage claim. Bring a spare set of clothes (and maybe a toothbrush) in your carry-on, just in case. Hopefully you won’t need your spare clothes, but you’ll be glad you packed them on the off chance that your luggage doesn’t make it to your destination.

Moby-Dick- The Book

Whether you prefer to read an e-reader or a paperback, make sure you have something to read on your flight. Even if you plan to sleep or work on the plane, sometimes your brain has other ideas. Having a book gives you something to do if conditions are less than ideal for working or sleeping. Regardless of your choice, be it Moby-Dick or Hunger Games, you won’t regret the literary opportunity.

Avoiding The Flu: Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Being trapped in a metal tube with a hundred other humans can be a quick way to catch a cold. According to the Wall Street Journal, air travel increases your chances of catching a cold by 20%. You can’t easily wash your hands on the plane, but you can be prepared by bringing your own hand wipes. In addition, if you plan to eat on the plane, you can use them to wipe down the tray table first. Nobody wants to arrive on vacation or to their business meeting with a cold, so bring some antibacterial hand wipes to fight germs on the plane.

Even if you are one of the many people who hate flying, you can make your trip easier by planning ahead and bringing these five items. Good luck, and happy flying!