Exhilaration, Adventure, and Incredible Sights: Whale Watching

More than 70 years ago, municipal officials in California declared the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego as the first-ever public venue for whale watching. This declaration was unprecedented but it proved to be a huge boom for the local community, as more than 10,000 visitors flocked to the site in the first year alone. It didn’t take long for the local government to start capitalising on this incredible tourism opportunity as officials started facilitating the burgeoning oceanic whale watching excursions in the same area in 1955, charging customers a small fee per boat ride to view these magnificent beasts up close and personal.

Fast-forward to the present day and you’re faced with an entirely different landscape with more than 13 million annual whale watchers representing a tourism sector that’s worth well over $800 million. This brief article will dive headfirst into the world of whale watching in Sydney and describe how to go about weaving this type of activity into your next holiday excursion.

The Spectacular Migration

Ever since its humble beginnings, whale watching has been tugging at people’s heart strings and love for wildlife, which led to the rise of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group (WDC) in 1987, a group that champions the preservation of marine animals. The WDC, along with other likeminded groups, has made a point of protecting the natural routes by which whales migrate each year, which has had a particularly beneficial effect on Sydney’s tourism industry over the past decade or so.

Each year between April and November, the easternmost coastline of Australia springs to life with a massive congregation of humpback whales. After spending the summer months feeding on the abundant krill in the Southern Ocean, these awe-inspiring creatures return to the sub-tropical Australian waters to mate and give birth to the next generation of humpback whales. The Australian coastlines are teeming with flocks of tourists and travellers during this time, as everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the whales’ stunning acrobatic displays.

However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to deal with inordinate crowds and sweaty vacationers just to see some whales because there are plenty of reputable tour facilitators stationed in Sydney.

Whale Watching on a Vessel

Whether you have a fervent passion for wildlife or an infatuation with oceanic exploration, joining one of the Sydney whale watching tours is an absolute must if you’re visiting the region.

The cruises are usually about three hours in length and they are led by some of the finest skippers and tour guides in the world. Not only will you get to see a glorious view of the humpback whale migration but you’ll also get to see dolphins, orcas, and a wide assortment of other marine wildlife as well. With top-notch nautical vessels, stunning 360-degree views from the deck, and a host of modernised safety provisions, you’ll be able to experience a thrilling cruise along the sun-soaked Australian coastline with a flurry of whales performing spectacular manoeuvres near the boat. Best of all, these tours are reasonably priced and they can fit perfectly into any type of holiday itinerary, so get started on your planning process today!