College Football Betting – A Beginner’s Guide

             College football betting is a rather popular form of betting; even though the teams are not playing in the professional league like they are in the premier league betting , they are often as good as! It may seem tempting to pass all the reading and start betting right away but you might end up quite puzzled and with an empty wallet.

College Football Betting – A Beginner’s Guide

            To start with, it’d be wise to determine how much money you’d be willing to bet. It’s never a good idea to bet with all the money you have – you may win big a couple of times without knowing the basics; however, that beginner’s luck won’t last forever!

            If you’ve looked at a betting board, you’ve probably noticed that there are quite a few numbers up there next to each match. Those numbers are there for a reason – they’re supposed to guide you in making your bets. For each type of betting, a different number is important.

In order to understand that better, you should know there are several basic types of betting:

A point spread bet, (also known as a spread), is an extremely popular method of betting especially when there’s a favorite and an underdog in the match. Here, it’s not important only that a team wins but for how much it wins. For example, if the board says -10 next to a team, that team has to win for at least 10 points in order for you to win your bet. This creates equal chances for money betting on both sides, instead of favoring only one team.

            A total (also known as an over/under bet) is a bet where the total of the final score is more important rather than who won. There’ll be a number on the board and you can place your bet “over” or “under” that given number, depending on what you think the final outcome will be.

            A money line bet is when you’re just choosing a team and hoping they’d win without including the point spread. Often times, you’d have to pay more for the favorite just to win a smaller amount back.

            Those are only the basic types of bets you can do. Don’t worry about picking a favorite type straight away – as time goes on, you’ll learn more about different varieties, such as grouping matches together or just playing with singles. Soon enough, you are very likely to find what suits you the most.

Considering you do it the right way, you’re in for a guaranteed adrenaline rush each time you place a bet!