The Serviced Apartments As The Premium Mode Of Living

The Serviced Apartments As The Premium Mode Of Living

Living accommodations outside of one’s home when visiting a different city or a foreign location have always been the centre of concern for people. The need to have a perfect setup that would serve as a second home is a long-standing one. The amenities too are sought in lines to that found in a home or even beyond. The age old conventional modes of living such as hotels are suitable as short stay accommodations. A longer stay requires an accommodation that would offer facilities that aren’t normally available in a staying facility like that of a hotel.

The Serviced Apartments As The Premium Mode Of Living

Serviced Apartments:

The new age accommodation facility that has made its way in place of hotels is the serviced apartments. The serviced apartments are a premium set of apartments that offer the most modern and unique facilities to the occupant. Normally these apartments are spread across quite a number of locations within a given city. The popularity of these accommodations is widespread and also ever increasing in the present context the world over with some of locations like apartments Kensington.

Location Advantage:

The spread across different locations helps one to choose the apartment that suits his or her purpose of stay the most. For instance, a student or a business professional would prefer a serviced apartment that is located near the central business district of a city with close proximity to institutes and workplaces. A tourist seeking a quiet stay would favour a living accommodation in the form of a serviced apartment at the far end corner of a city. Similarly, medical patients would prefer an apartment close to medical centres and hospitals.

Popularity Aspect:

The popularity of apartments gets increased manifolds, not just through the number of amenities that features on the list of services inside but also the surrounding attractions outside. For instance, the Kensington serviced apartments situated on the west end of London is adorned with attractions like bars, restaurants and boutiques. Kensington is also home to a number of famous museums, world-renowned retail store and well connected with a network of underground Tube stations. The features that make the place teem with visitors and tourists throughout the year.

Serviced apartments come in a varied combination of rooms and also some apartments in the form of penthouses. The inside amenities that feature as additional facilities range from concierge services, pre-booked breakfast, beneficiary schemes regarding customer loyalty etc.  The other forms of facilities that feature as the usual offerings are close circuit television monitoring, a duty manager present onsite, storage spaces for luggage, lifts, every form of modern home electric appliances, availability of twin beds, crockeries and cookware, modern bath equipment including slippers, hairdryers, towels and toiletries etc.