E-Commerce Websites: 5 Critical SEO Errors and How To Avoid Them

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We all enjoy shopping from our homes and receiving the products at our doorsteps. And it’s no debate that there is a rise in the number of emerging e-commerce sites. However, this brings in the aspect of competition for the online audience.

Just like company websites and blogs have to implement sound SEO strategies to succeed, the same applies to your e-commerce site. But you need to know that it will be more difficult than the approach for a blog.

As you are contemplating starting an online business and have to work on looking for PhD thesis writing services, below are some of the standard SEO errors you should avoid in your e-commerce business:

1. No Product Description

When you don’t have a description for each product, it lowers the chance for your page of coming up after a search query. It also applies when there’s low frequency of searches. Use unique content in writing the descriptions.

The description should help a customer to make a purchasing decision. That calls for the creation of the descriptive content of high quality. Don’t lift the description from other websites; you will be penalized.

Don’t use too many words but aim at exceeding the default word count on an existing product page that is blank.

2. Product Pages That Aren’t Optimized

To improve the likelihood of the appearance of your site to a search query, you have to optimize your product pages. That implies that you need to familiarize yourself with the keywords that searchers use when looking for a particular product. Don’t promote products that no one is searching for.

Once you know the keywords to use for each product, include them in the description, title pages, and headlines. Remember to write the alt tag info for your image, too. Also, don’t repeat the same keywords over and over again, be original.

You also need to ensure that the content you display, exists on the product page that it’s supposed to be.

3. No Reviews

Before you purchase something you have never tried out before, you often try to get someone who’s used it for their advice. It also applies to online shopping. Customers want to know more about the product or services that you offer.

Product reviews give you unique content that is free at the same time. That’s a significant boost to your SEO rankings. As more feedback get published on a product page, it keeps the page fresh. Thus, keeps you on top of SERPs, and gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

If you have a good product and the value of crowd customer supports that too, it will increase the chance of search engines coming back to your site. You would also react the same way to thesis defense powerpoint services.

4. Non-Unique Titles

When you look for help thesis writing, you will understand the importance of creating a unique title for the thesis. In e-commerce, you should also refrain from using duplicate title tags. That means you shouldn’t use similar keywords for different products.

It doesn’t matter if the items are similar but from different brands, or from the same brand. Use of unique titles will help the search engines to identify your site quickly. Use unique key phrases in your title tags for the different products.

Your title tags can follow this structure: brand name, model number, and finally, the type of the item.

5. No SSL Certificate

In online shopping transactions, customers have to share their valuable information. Increase the integrity of your site by making your customers safe. To achieve this, you have to pay attention to the security of the website.

Get an SSL Certificate to protect the transaction on your site. It will help you in the protection of financial transactions, submissions of pages, or forms, etc. Depending on your needs, you may have to purchase an SSL certificate for the domain that you own or the multiple domains that you have.

You can get it from domain resellers, or individual providers.


You have numerous products that are of high quality but no conversion. Avoid making this mistakes on your e-commerce site and see more customers and purchases of the quality products you have on sale.