Culinary Art: 7 Greatest Fish Restaurants Of Lisbon

Culinary Art: 7 Greatest Fish Restaurants Of Lisbon

With the abundance of fresh seafood, Lisbon has long obtained an unofficial title of the fish culinary capital of Europe. A representation of the traditional Portuguese cuisine without fish is like a representation of Portugal without the ocean. It’s estimated that each local resident eats about 16 kg of cod per year. At the same time, nobody takes into account the famous grilled sardines, which are sold in each Lisbon’s snack bar. So, it’s no wonder that the most delicious restaurants in Lisbon specialize in fish. You can check out 7 best of them right now…


Skillfully combining classics and avant-garde, Belcanto is the outstanding establishment of the chef José Avillez, who turned an ordinary ten-year old eatery in the Shiadu area into a great gastronomic masterpiece. Using high cuisine as one of the forms of expression, José seeks to show the depth of Portuguese culinary art, which is not limited to the notorious sardines. Each dish served in Belcanto is not only stunningly tasty and visually beautiful, but also carries a certain history. For example, Skate Jackson Pollock is a delicious seafood dish, cooked under the impression of the works of the ideologist of abstract impressionism, or Inverted Martini – a traditional cocktail in a new fulfillment.

Address: Largo de São Carlos 10

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12.30pm-3pm, 7pm-11pm; Sunday and Monday closed


(photo by al_funcoot)

Estrela da Bica

Delicious food combined with a bohemian atmosphere make this place a real highlight of Lisbon. The restaurant manages to be innovative and creative, and at the same time not pretentious and with the mood of the village bistro. The menu is a combination of Portuguese and Brazilian cuisines with quite exciting dishes. Be sure to taste there ‘Dim Sum of the Day’ – fried ravioli, carpaccio of salmon and roasted sea bass with a garnish of rice noodles. The menu changes quite often, so culinary surprises are not ruled out.

Address: Tv. do Cabral 33

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 7pm-1am, Sunday 7pm-12am, Monday closed

Carpaccio of salmon


Situated on the narrow cobbled street of Bairo-Alto, Pap’Acorda combines classic Portuguese cuisine with a permanently relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to the last fact, there are always crowds of travelers there, who try to visit this amazing restaurant before setting off to explore Lisbon’s sights. Pap’Acorda restaurant got its name from the classic bread soup with seafood called Acorda de Marisco, where garlic and coriander are added. Also, Pap’Acorda offers the most delicious cod and shrimp.

Address: Av. 24 de Julho 49

Hours: Thursday-Saturday 12pm-2am; Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 12pm-12am, Monday closed

Shrimps and corn chowder


Tavares is an exquisite restaurant of classic Portuguese cuisine, which is famous for its luxurious surroundings and is one of the most iconic restaurants in Lisbon. It was opened in 1784 and considered to be the oldest restaurant in the Portuguese capital. The rich interior of Tavares with its gilded statues, chandeliers and mirrors, perfectly combines with aristocratic gourmet dishes. All the dishes like Carne de Porco a Alentejana (clams baked with small pieces of pork), and Caldo Verde (classic Portuguese soup) seem to be even more delicious in such an atmosphere.

Address: R. da Misericórdia 37 R/C

Hours: Monday-Saturday 7pm-10.30pm, Sunday closed


(photo by Joe)

A Parte

A cozy, absolutely authentic A Parte restaurant is a favorite brainchild of the Brazilian chef and his Portuguese wife. They created this place from their own apartment. Probably, this is the main reason of the extremely friendly and cozy atmosphere, which is combined there with the best dishes of Portuguese cuisine. By the way, some of the dishes served in A Parte are mixed with international tastes. For example, you can try risotto with grilled prawns and cod with gnocchi.

Address: Av. Defensores de Chaves 14C

Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm-12am, Saturday 1pm-12am, Sunday closed

TF 2017 - Tomato Risotto

Cervejaria Ramiro

Carvejaria Ramiro is a rustically charming place, which relies on an unrivaled combination of seafood and beer. Specializing in fresh delicacies from the Portuguese coast and combining delicious cuisine with a lively atmosphere, this restaurant has suddenly become so popular that it’s almost always crowded. The menu is determined by the morning catch, but there are also some of the regular dishes. For example, à la Aguillo shrimps, shellfish, giant grilled tiger shrimps and crayfish are among them. It’s recommended to taste these dishes with a beer from Sagres or one of the Portuguese wines.

Address: Av. Almirante Reis nº1 – H

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-12.30am, Monday closed


Cafe de Sao Bento

If you are already full of fish and seafood, set off to the charming Cafe de Sao Bento, which specializes mainly in carpaccio and steaks with eggs and chips. This is a great place to get acquainted with the meat side of the Portuguese cuisine. In addition, the establishment features a large selection of wines that go well with meat. The local specialty of Café de Sao Bento is beef tenderloin with egg and steak, which is served with meat broth and fried eggs, towering with its sunny yolk on meat.

Address: R. de São Bento 212

Hours: Monday-Friday 12.30pm-2.30pm, Saturday-Sunday 7pm-2am

Beef Tenderloin

Fish restaurants of Lisbon are a great way to get rid of hunger and enjoy Portuguese cuisine. 7 above-mentioned establishments are the best in Lisbon, and offer excellent taste of dishes combined with an outstanding service. So, it’s recommended to visit at least one fish restaurant in order to get an unforgettable culinary experience. Of course, use Lisbon car rental for a hassle-free and quick reaching of your favorite establishment.