Brad Pitt – Top Hit Movies

Brad Pitt is a well known face of Hollywood film industry, he an American actor who received Golden Globe Award and Three Academy nomination in best acting categories and won an Academy award under the producer category. William Bradley Pitt is his full name, earlier in his life while he was struggling to settle in the industry he took lessons from his coach Roy London. He also produced a few films under his production banner Plan B Entertainment. He received most success with films such as Troy, Mr.&Mrs Smith, World War Z, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Money Ball. He married and committed Angelina Jolie since 2014. Pitt was selected for the title of most influential and powerful people and most attractive man. Here are few best films of Brad Pitt.

Fight Club

It is about young man who lead pretty normal life accessing car crashes to inspect whether the cars are eligible for automobile companies recall to fix problems and he suffers from insomnia. He takes therapy for it by attending the group therapy sessions where he meets Marla who like him to take these lessons but she is neither victim or survivor. After that he meets Tyler Durden in a flight, that changes his life.

Ocean’s Eleven

The ocean is a thief who just released from the prison. He meets his friend and partner Rusty to discuss a job he has. The job is to rob a secret vault that contains cash of 3 casinos in Vegas. So, they recruit nine other guys and start executing the plan of their. While the plan working fine, he discovers that the owner of casion is nothing but his ex-wife.


It is about the two emerging nations in bronze age around 1250 B.C. The two mighty nations begin to clash after Paris. The prince of Trojan convinces Queen of the Sparta to leave her husband and sail back to Troy by leaving her husband. Then there rises opportunity for the by Agamemnon when Menelaus seeks help from him to get his wife, he places his troop to fight against the Trojans.

Twelve Monkeys

An obscure and deadly infection has wiped out five billion individuals in 1996. Just 1% of the populace have made due by the year 2035, and is compelled to live underground. A convict (James Cole) reluctantly volunteers to be sent back so as to 1996 to assemble data about the starting point of the pandemic (who he’s told was spread by a puzzling “Armed force of the Twelve Monkeys”) and find the infection before it transforms with the goal that researchers can ponder it. Sadly Cole is erroneously sent to 1990, six years sooner than anticipated, and is captured and secured up a mental establishment, where he meets Dr. Kathryn Railly, a therapist, and Jeffrey Goines, the crazy child of a well known researcher and infection master.

Legends of The Fall

Colonel Wlliam Ludlow and his three children (Samuel, Tristan and Alfred) live in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, USA, toward the start of the twentieth century. At the point when Samuel carries with him his life partner Susanna, the association of the 3 siblings is going to be broken. The eldest child, Alfred, begins to look all starry eyed at Susanna, and she goes gaga for Tristan. The thing turns out to be more terrible when the three siblings choose to join the first World War in Europe in 1914, in spite of their dad’s complaint. The obligation of the siblings is going to be broken everlastingly, as is Colonel William’s heart.