Best Movies Of Most Entertaining Jackie Chan

Best Movies Of Most Entertaining Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, a world popular entertainer and multi talented film actor. Basically, he is from Hong-Cong, but with his way of acting, timing of comedy, way of fighting and real struggle in action scenes earned him the worldwide fans. Even the children know him because of his hilarious way of acting and teaching lessons to the villains in films, the acrobatic and funny stunts he does in action sequences doesn’t bore the audience even the accent he uses will entertain the film audiences. There are so many hit movies in his career, along with acting, he performs singing, stunts, direction, production and martial arts. He has a childish attractive face that makes everyone loves him, lets check a few hit films we must see at least once in this article.

Armor of God

Jack is special, talented officer who works as an undercover officer. He was appointed on a mission to find a gold source which was left in North America allegedly by the Nazis around 40years ago. After he starts mission and proceeding further, he finds out that other people are also searching for the same thing. So, he has fought against them to reach the gold in first.

Who Am I

In this beautiful movie he played a role of army officers who crashed in remote places. He is a top secret military on the way to complete the mission on investigation of the kidnapped three scientists who were experimenting with the dangerous materials. But the mission goes wrong way, the chopper crashes into a remote jungle place, on the wake up, he lost all his memory and while recovering from injuries he learns to communicate. How he accomplished the mission is in the movie.

Drunken Mater

In this movie jack acted as a disobedient so to his father, who wants to teach him the famous kung-fu, but with his son attitude he gets irritated and sends him to his uncle for the kung-fu training. His uncles were a bit strict with his rules, cruel and frightening master and one of the 8 Drunken Genii kung-fu masters. There he struggle and leans the kung-fu in the hard way, comes back to his village with his skills and finds his father in danger. So, he fights against his rogue who troubled his father and earlier insulted his close friend.

Police Story

Jackie Chan acted as the police cop leading role in this movie as the Kevi Chan, he is a young police officer from Hong-kong. In his first charge, he fights against the a mighty drug-dealer/lord and the drug dealer wasn’t happy about his alone with with them. So, frames in a murder another cop. Now Kevin needs to prove his innocence and at the same time he has to fight against the drug leader and makes his girl friends not to leave him.