Jennifer Lawrence – Career Best Movies

Jennifer Lawrence – Career Best Movies

Lawrence is a young actress who gaining so many fans recently with her blockbuster movies and acting performances. She was born in Kentucky, an American actress. She became a famous star with her role in x-men, the Mystique which is the terrific appearance of her on the screen. She was perfectly suited for that character and received appreciation all around from film critics. She is still acting on several projects, but she already received awards for her performances on different films. She is having a tremendous exceptional acting skills and she has a bright future ahead. Let’s check few better films of her performances.

Hunger Games Series

The film, set in the future in the North America called as “Panem”. To control the future rebellion from remembering the past rebellion, they decide to conduct games. The society ladies pick up a boy and a girl from each district, they have to participate in the games, the rules of the games are cruel. They have to kill each other to survive.

X-men Series

This is most popular movie series based on the novels. The genetic mutant form groups to protect themselves from the human attacks, one group tries peaceful live with human as normal people, but other rebellion group feels that they have to survive only by means of killing the humans. The head scientist at mutant training schools helps the mutant children learn and improve their magical power in order to develop the sustainable earth.

American Hustle

The film is about the two friends who are cunning and very criminalized brained people are forced work under the a cruel FBI monster agent. They have to hustle the corrupted politicians, mafia people and other rich criminals. So, they go ahead and traps a political leader, but his wife pull out the entire scam to shake the government.

Silver Linings

In this film she played a key role which helps the leading role to set his life back. Pat loses everything, returns back to his mothers home. He has plans to rebuild his life again after spending few days on his mother home. But the things go in a different way, his parents want to do something different and when he meets a girl who is already having her problems, things go a bit over complicated. Then, they both agreed to help each other as returns.

The Burning Plain

This is a film about the several people who are separated by the space and time. The story line plays takes us into the lives of different people who worried with different problems. Each person has a pathetic past which involves a close person of their family. How they have dealt with their future and past is shown in this film.