Are You Ready To Explore The History Of Bhopal…?

Are You Ready To Explore The History Of Bhopal…?

Bhopal has rich and incredible cultural and historical heritage. Over the centuries, this soil has witnessed a variety of dynasties ruling its people. This city beholds the traces of all its mighty history, which is truly captivating. When you plan a trip to this city to explore its history, never forget to look out for heritage hotels in Bhopal. After all, this city never runs short of them. Here under, we detail you a few places which you shouldn’t miss as a part of your trip.

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters:

Did you ever felt like travelling back to Stone Age..? Then pay a visit to these rock shelters in Bhopal. These rock shelters exhibit the evidences of pre-historic human life. It marks the beginning of the Stone Age in south Asia. It is traced that a few of these shelters were inhibited by humans around 1, 00,000 years ago. The rock paintings discovered in this place are approximately thirty thousand years old. It is interesting to note that these caves also present us the early evidences of dance. A classification of these paintings is done which states that they are from seven different periods of history. Unfortunately, most of the paintings of these rock shelters have eroded due to rain.

State Museum:

The historical significance of Madhya Pradesh is truly incredible and vast. The State Museum enables us to have a quick glance of this history. Since its inception in 2005, it has gained a wide popularity among tourists and historians. Initially, this was known as Bhopal Museum. It has seventeen galleries, which display huge collection of coins, fossils, paintings, sculpture, textiles and documentary heritage of the state. You will get mesmerized by some true masterpieces like weapons, musical instruments and miniatures. This museum is open on all days excluding Mondays and other government holidays.

Sanchi Stupa:

It depicts the Indian ancient art and architecture in the most beautiful way possible. Talking about its historical significance, long back in 3rd century, Emperor Ashoka commissioned its design. Large hemispherical domes comprising of various relics of Buddha were used to construct the central chamber of Stupa. However, its real beauty was incorporated during the time of Shugna. We can visualize various life incidents of Lord Buddha though these sculptures.

Laxminarayan Temple:

Leaving behind its historical and mythological significance, the best part of this temple is that it offers a panoramic view of Bhopal, which is truly spellbinding. Goddess Lakshmi is the deity of this temple. This temple was constructed in the year 1933 by one of the Indian legendary industrialists Baldeo Das Birla and so this temple acquired the name Birla temple. The architecture of this temple was designed by Sri Chandra Chatterjee.

Sadar Mazil:

During the regime of Nawabs in Bhopal, the Sadar Manzil served as a royal courtroom. You couldn’t stop staring at the massive wooden work at its entrance.  Huge terrace balcony marks the first floor and the second floor is designed to have a dome at each corner. The beautiful fountain and garden depict the typical style of Bhopal’s Nawabs. The time recommended by the tourists to visit this place is during the sunrise. You may have to spend 2 to 3 hours to explore this place completely.

It is advisable to plan well in advance for this historical trip. If you feel like enjoying a luxurious stay in this city, book the best one among five star hotels in Bhopal. A few of them also provide you necessary guidance to explore the city.