6 Relaxation Ideas For A Cozy Night At Home For Couples

Treasuring a relationship requires a lot resolve. Irrespective of the responsibilities and the busy schedules, it is imperative to keep the spark of love alive.

Weekend date nights are the best way to spend quality time together and rev up the romance quotient. They’re fun, extremely relaxing, and certainly possible for any busy couple to indulge in.

Planning your date night? Here are a few great relaxation ideas for a cozy night with your soulmate.

1. Take a Hot Shower Together

A change of scenery always works wonders for romance, but that doesn’t mean you’ve step out of your home to achieve this. Make the bathroom your next sexy getaway.

Taking a hot shower will not only de-stress both of you, but also increase the intimacy like nothing else. Bathing together can also act as perfect foreplay. Prep your bathroom for romance. Keep aromatic shower gels and shampoos with scented candles handy with soft loofahs and washcloths ready for use. Let your bath area look inviting for the special time together.

2. Order Your Favorite Food, Wine and Do a Movie

Dating for long-term couples comes with its own pressure. Sweat not. You can turn a simple dinner into a mini-vacation with your favorite food, a bottle of great wine, and a fun movie.

Shun the dining table time and raid the couch. Do keep a soft body pillow (or dakimakura in Japanese) like an Emilia Dakimakura to cuddle, or a comfy quilt ready so that you both can slip under it post dinner when watching the movie; and yes, keep the wine coming!

3. Play Card Games with a Naughty Twist

Strip Poker! It always hits the bulls eye. Make variations in the game to add more spice with your own versions of crazy 8’s, slap jack, and even when playing war.

Let your imagination guide you as you discover some amazing tricks to explore each other. Games aren’t the first thing that come to mind when spending quality time together and that’s exactly why they’re always a hit.

4. Enjoy Candlelight Dinner with Soft Music

Take a break from routine and join your soulmate for delicious home-cooked food on a beautifully candle-lit table. Turning your dining room into your own make-shift restaurant is no rocket-science. A bit of effort from your side will make all the difference.

Leave aside anything that’s routine and indulge in a delightful reminiscence of the romantic dates and naughty moments you’ve had so far. Who knows, you may end up having dessert in the bedroom!

5. Cook Comfort Food Together

A cooking date is the most underrated idea for having fun on a romantic evening with your partner. Cooking together is a great way of spending some quality time and reconnecting. Keep your menu simple and the whole activity fun and flirty.

Divide the tasks between each other and keep juggling roles. Don’t fret over perfecting the dish; remember, the whole idea is to have fun together.

6. Give Each Other a Relaxing Massage

The loving act of massaging your partner makes for the perfect way to spice up the romance quotient. It doesn’t take much, but is the perfect remedy for a relationship that’s begging passion. Giving each other massages can transform your relationship and reignite your love life.

Who says you’ve to be a trained massage therapist to give relaxing massages? Bring together the dim light of scented candles, aromatic massage oils and soft music, and the selfless act of gently rubbing your partner can supercharge your relationship in a jiffy.


Passion and love needs to be reignited regularly by couples to ensure the desire for each other keeps growing with time. Simple, relaxed dates at home are vital for releasing stress, bringing the couple closer, and strengthening their bond. After all, who doesn’t want an extra dose of love once in a while?