Top 8 Helpful Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Flying!

Top 8 Helpful Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Flying!

Top 8 Helpful Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Flying!

In today’s world, flying comes with the package. If you want a high-powered career, or simply to catch up with friends and family who are scattered in all parts of the world, you will most likely have to travel by plane at some point in your life.

The fear of flying, however, is quite a common problem. If you have experienced this, know that you are not alone. However, this problem does have a solution other than stuffing yourself with tranquilizers. Some of the tips below may help a person with a phobia of flying to allay their fears and get on that plane!

1.  Identify The Problem

What exactly triggers the fear or anxiety that comes when you thinking about flying? You need to figure out whether it is the plane taking off that frightens you, or the landing, or the air journey itself.

Some people simply have a fear of getting on a plane, after which they’re perfectly fine, while others may feel claustrophobic in the plane, having a problem with the space allotted rather than the flying itself. Pinpointing the exact problem will hopefully make it easier to deal with.

2.  Educate Yourself

Do some research, find out some comforting statistics. The chances of being in a plane crash are actually much less than that of being in a car or bicycle accident. Facts like these may not erase the problem, but they would be useful to calm yourself down.

3.  Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear

Your mind naturally registers fear as your being in actual danger. Separate the two by convincing yourself that being anxious makes your fears seem real, when in fact, they aren’t that overwhelming. You are as safe as you can be.

4.  Don’t Reinforce Anxiety

Giving a chance to your anxiety makes it stronger. Go against these feelings; if your fears are stopping you from even moving from your seat, force yourself to get up, walk about, and talk to other people. Read a gripping novel or play an addictive game so that you don’t feed these anxious feelings.

5.  Dealing With A Bumpy Ride

Air pockets and turbulence are a common trigger for flying phobia. To cope with these troubling moments, study up on these concepts and assure yourself that bumpy planes are dealing well with turbulence, rather than succumbing to it.

6.  Ask For Help

Your co-fliers can help your deal with your fears in-flight. Find out what you need in case of an anxiety attack and inform the air hostess and the people sitting next to you before the plane takes off. Not only is this wise planning, but the very state of being prepared would have a calming effect.

7.  Practice Makes Perfect

With every flying experience, your confidence will hopefully increase. You should aim to make your body and mindless susceptible to aerophobia triggers.

8.  Find Motivation

Flying opens up many door and possibilities, not to mention many happy moments of reuniting with loved ones.  Try making a list, either physical or mental, of the advantages you will have after you overcome your fear of flying. This will spur you on to make more of an effort in taking yourself out of anxiety.

As the world is becoming a global village day by day, the fear of flying is a very real and potentially serious problem. One needs to cushion themselves psychologically in order to overcome their misgivings about being airborne. Apply these tips in order to make your next air journey a serene and relaxing one. Here’s wishing you all the best in your flying endeavors!

Author Bio: Naomi David is experienced in writing articles as well as academic essays. She has a passion for writing and has turned it into a profession. Her other interests include music, movies and sports.