10 Content Marketing Tactics That’ll Boost Your Website Traffic

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A lot of businesses have familiarized themselves with the power of effective content marketing. At first, the benefits were doubted, but it has become clear that it is a strategy that works. Writing content and uploading it to your website is only one step. The content has to actually be of value to the reader. Remember, this is not a direct sale pitch. Content is about what your readers will find useful without being persuaded to purchase anything.

You can see it as giving back to your customers. Content marketing is definitely a commitment you should not take lightly. Finding a grammar checker and paraphrase generator is only a drop in the bucket. There are some marketing tactics you can use to make sure you have a tight strategy. Before you start writing. Sit down and put a plan in place. This will be able to guide you on the route to take. Here are some effective tactics that help you build success.

  1. Focus on successful content

If you have been content marketing for a while, have a look at which posts are most successful. This can be a good indication of what to focus on. You don’t want to want too much time on topics that don’t interest your readers. If you get more views on certain posts, see how you can go more in-depth.

  1. Do it yourself

There are a lot of good writers out there, but there is some content only an in-house individual can master. You can leave the other content to your outsourced writers. When you write the content yourself, the passion for the brand is likely to come through. Have someone dedicated within your organization to handle this marketing.

  1. Have a clear objective

Do not just post content for the sake of being online. There is benefits to having an online presence, but it is senseless without a plan. Go back to the goals you wrote down initially and make sure it is aligned to the company’s objectives. You can reword a sentence a few times, but if it does not fit with the goal, it’s senseless.

  1. Give it a year

Uploading your first post may pose disappointing results. This is normal and you have to be consistent for a duration of time. You can only start measuring the success of a project after you have given it a fair shot. Stick to your plan and see it as a trial period. After this period, you can measure which articles are popular and which does not interest the readers.

  1. Include social media

Use social media as a tool to intrigue your readers. Not a lot of people will come to your website to check for new content. You have to remind them to have a look. Social media is great for this purpose. Connect with your audience and let them know when you have loaded a new post. You can also post snippets of what the post is about.

  1. Videos

Content marketing can take on more forms than just text. Videos are definitely the new kid on the block and it is working. If you want to stay relevant and on trend, start working on some high-quality videos to add to your website. Human beings want information in the fastest, most digestible way. Videos are great at getting the message across without boring the viewer.

  1. Quality over quantity

Don’t update daily if you cannot maintain the quality of your content. No one wants to unplagiarize content after it hits the internet. If this means updating your website once a week, then so be it. As long as you write content that is good and informative. Google also picks up if your content is of a lesser quality and penalizes your website for it.

  1. Increase content length

There was a time we could get away with a short 400 words article. This is no longer the case. Write content that is longer in length without adding unnecessary words. You want every sentence to be of worth.

  1. Repurpose

Coming up with fresh content after a few years can be impossible at times. Reuse some of your popular older posts. Just update these and add some information that you left out originally. A lot of your new readers may have never seen the older posts, so bring it back.

  1. Email list

Have a list of your readers’ email addresses. Use this as a marketing tool. You can let them know when you have uploaded a post. A lot of marketers use this as an effective content marketing tool. You can also randomly send out short email posts exclusively to your contacts. Have a tab on your website to ask people to subscribe to your email list. It works for some of the most successful websites and it will work for yours.