Why Traveling To Nazareth Is Very Unique and A Must Visit While In Israel

It is hard to think of Nazareth and not mention Christianity. Jesus of Nazareth is not just a title to a docu-film made in the late 70s about Jesus as detailed in the Biblical book of Luke but also the place that Jesus and Mary, His mother, lived until He was an adult. The city of Nazareth is within what is called the Lower Galilee and contains some of the most famous archaeological and historical sites of any part around the world. For whatever reason, whether it is religious reasons, faith, archaeology, culture or just a magical place to visit, Nazareth is a very important place you need to think about. Flying to Israel for a trip of your life in Nazareth is very easy, whether you take a flight via UP or any other. Remember there are attractive prices for those who order their flight tickets online to Israel.

Nazareth Market

While it might not be your first stop, this market is a local trading ground with so many tourists flocking to it from so many countries around the world. Apart from being colorful, the market offers all kinds of groceries, artifacts, spices and fabrics of all varieties. It also the first place to stop if you intend to meet the Nazareth folks and sample their authentic local tastes and experience through handmade local products. A stroll across the Nazareth Market is also a walk back in history where you get to view the old Ottoman architecture as you sample the Magical Nazarene atmosphere that blends vibrant people, spices made locally and a variety of foods as you behold the ancient history the lovely city puts before you.

Why Traveling To Nazareth Is Very Unique and A Must Visit While In Israel

Annunciation Basilica/Church of Annunciation

This church is considered to be the place where the archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce the miraculous nurture of Jesus. Since its rebuilding, visitors have always been impressed by the painting collections within as well as both the Crusades and Byzantine relics. The Annunciation Basilica is found in a very important and big compound with diverse churches and monasteries located within the old city of Nazareth’s main street. The Basilica is a major place of interest for Christians majorly and has been attracting lots of visitors not only from Israel about worldwide any time of the year.

Nazareth Restaurants

Integrating the entire flavors of the world is not always easy, but the restaurants around Nazareth have been able to do this for a long time now. The warm and rich Arab kitchen comes alive in these restaurants and provides a chance to really sample the local Nazareth flavors for a unique culinary ride any time of the year. You can do this with quality spices found within the mountains spread around. In fact, there are people who visit Nazareth for these restaurants only due to the culture, history and unique tastes that blend into the perfect eating experience.

Why Traveling To Nazareth Is Very Unique and A Must Visit While In Israel

St Joseph Church

This church is also located in Nazareth and said to be the place where the carpentry workshop of Joseph, Mary’s husband, stood. It is now an archaeological site of interest and a holy site according to many Christians.