Top Things To Do On Your Holiday To New York

New York is filled with lots of astounding attractions that capture visitors from all over the world. Despite its fast-paced nature, it is a travel and leisure destination to admire. For foreign citizens, a USA green card will ensure unrestricted opportunities to enjoy the unlimited fascinations of New York. Certainly, New York offers ultimate holiday experiences for its visitors. These are the top things to do while on holiday to New York.

Touring the Bronx Zoo

Visiting the Bronx Zoo is a top priority for anyone desiring a perfect holiday treat in New York. Considered as the largest urban wildlife zoo in the US, the 265-acre Bronx Zoo is certainly one of the most amazing destinations for holiday enthusiasts to New York. The awesome habitat is a host to more than 5000 animals and 600 species. The zoo showcases the natural beauty and sophistication of the wild, and gives visitors an exploration journey of its kind. Terrestrial and aquatic animals capture the minds of visitors. Other activities present in the zoo for kids include:

-Fun-filled animal exhibitions

– The Children’s Farm section where kids learn how to pet animals and

– Camel rides

The Bronx Zoo is usually open every day, thus giving visitors a golden opportunity to enjoy the marvels of nature. The zoo offers the ultimate holiday experience for the whole family.

Visiting the Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts

The Lincoln Centre is a performing arts hub in New York City. With thousands of performances every year, it has claimed its position as an electrifying place for travellers. For an afternoon or evening of sheer thrilling experiences, here are some of the things the Lincoln Centre offers:

– Live concerts

– Exciting Plays and

– Film screenings

The centre offers daily tours to its guests, and gives them an opportunity to know the history of one of New York’s tourist destinations. The performances at the Lincoln Centre affirm that arts are a reflection of the society, thus a trip to the amazing place will definitely be part of a fun-filled holiday to New York.

Connecting with Ancient Culture

For holiday lovers wishing to take a cultural journey, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most feasible place to visit. Situated in New York City, the art museum is the largest in the US. With millions of visitors streaming in the museum every year, learning about the transitions of art from the ancient to the contemporary world is, undoubtedly, a holiday experience to yearn for in New York. A wide array of classical antiquity reflects the strides that America has taken over the years. It is also a home to Ancient and modern African, European and Asian art collections. The museum houses spectacular art collections like:

-Medieval art from the 4th to the 16th centuries

– Drawings and paintings from the Middle Ages

– European paintings and decorative arts

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is truly a phenomenal place to be while on holiday to New York; it evokes the blissful feeling of connecting the past with the present.

Shopping at New York’s Trendy Stores

Shopping at New York’s fashionable stores will definitely expose you to a wide range of products and designs. A holiday in New York without a shopping experience at its expansive stores is, without a doubt, an incomplete one. For that memorable fashion design while on holiday in New York, these are some of the stores that will quench your shopping thirst:

– Shop at Bloomingdale’s for designer dresses, shoes, clothes and handbags

– Shop at Macy’s for authentic home decor

– Visit Tiffany and Company for that memorable jewel

Shopping is top priority for most holiday lovers. Hence, New York offers diverse shopping opportunities for its visitors, no wonder it is a top vacation destination in the US.

Enjoying the Stylish Restaurants in New York

New York is a home to stylish restaurants and hotels that give guests treats to remember. At any time of the day, New York’s restaurants remain vibrant in order to satisfy the needs of the ever-increasing number of tourists. From cocktails, dinner and buffets, there are lots of places to satisfy such needs. Among the elegant hotels and restaurants include:

– St. Regis Hotel for diverse dining options and state-of-the art luxurious facilities

– Scarpetta restaurant for impeccable service and delicious means

– Hotel Elysee is a fine retreat from the bustles of Manhattan

Unquestionably, a first-time visitor to New York will love the services offered in the ever-blossoming restaurants and hotels. While on holiday to New York, enjoying the services of the fine restaurants will translate into a perfect vacation.

A holiday to New York is surely an adventure to look forwards to; it is a chance to be part of the great city that defines America. For a USA green card holder living in the US, the benefits of touring New York are immeasurable. If you are looking for a holiday destination, then New York is an incredible choice.