Why Eid Holidays In Maldives Should Be Your Next Trip

Why Eid Holidays In Maldives Should Be Your Next Trip

Maldives is a stunning island destination located southwest of Sri Lanka. It is a highly sought after tropical destination that has an average temperature of around 86 degrees year round. With plenty of sunshine and stunning scenery, it is no wonder why Eid Holidays in Maldives are so enticing. While visiting this beautiful destination at any time of the year will leave you with lasting memories, booking your stay to coincide with the Eid-al-Fitr festivities will truly result in a one of a kind experience you will not regret.

Eid is a religious holiday that is a highly important celebration for Muslims around the world. Eid in Maldives is a three-day-long festival filled with joy, activities and much more. It is a truly unique experience for anyone who participates in the festival and there are a number of reasons why you should plan your next trip correspond with this festival. Eid holidays in Maldives offer a wide variety of luxury, relaxation and one of a kind experience.

Known as the Eid-al-Fitr or Kuda Eid in Maldives this long lasting tradition was started by the Islamic prophet Muhammad and is always celebrated on the first of the month of Shawwal. Shawwal, on the lunar Islamic calendar, is the tenth month. It always comes just after the month of Ramadan where most Muslims will fast from dusk to sunset for 30 days. On this day, fasting is not allowed and it is a day considered to be filled with merriment and recreation.

In Maldive, the celebration consists of a number of day long activities. The locals will take part in many traditions. Prior to the start of Eid-al-Fitr, each family will give a donation to the poor, which is often a donation of food, to ensure they will have enough to eat to take part in the celebration. Muslims will gather early in the morning of Eid to perform the Eid prayer once this is completed people will set out visiting family and friends. Gifts are often given at this time and especially many to the children. You will see everyone dress in new clothes and taste traditional meals that are cooked specially for the celebrations.You will see everybody dress in new garments and taste conventional suppers that are cooked uncommonly for the festivals.Each household will prepare a feast to be shared with family and friends once the new moon has been sighted. Usually, this is announced by a canon in the capital Male.

Traditional dancers perform regularly with the traditional sounds of drums and music. It is truly a joyous and exuberant celebration and one you won’t want to miss out on. There are various Eid holidays in Maldives that you can book for unique a fun vacation. From fully include luxurious hotels to extravagant three-day holidays for a one of a kind experience with beautiful sites and much celebration you will want to book your Eid holiday in Maldives trip now.