Famous Thailand Full Moon Beach Parties

Thailand beaches are some of the most gorgeous beaches you can find. The sparkling water looks absolutely gorgeous at night, which is just perfect for the Full Moon party!

Famous Thailand Full Moon Beach Parties

If you are a big fan of Thailand during the day, you’ll love the bustling nightlife during a Full Moon Party.

If you don’t know what this widely-known party is about, just keep reading and get ready to want to pack your bags for Thailand!

So, What Is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon party is a party that takes place every Full Moon, whether the night of, or the night before or after.

The party began in Haad Rin on Ko Pha Ngan but has quickly gained popularity since that night. This party goes on the entire night and doesn’t end until the sun has peeked its head up.

The huge success that the Full Moon Party saw inspired people to create parties like the “Half Moon” or “Quarter Moon” party but these were banned and only the Full Moon Party remains.

All the other parties were banned to help keep the noise levels down, since too many parties create an inescapable level of noise which can be quite bothersome to the islanders.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t party as hard as you want on the full moon! Watch really cool performers like people skipping fire rope and have the opportunity to attend the nightlife party you thought didn’t actually exist.

You’ll have a ton of different music to listen to while partying as well, there’s never a dull moment at a Full Moon Party!

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