What To Consider When Choosing A Charity For Challenge Events

What To Consider When Choosing A Charity For Challenge Events

One of the important steps when preparing for a charity challenge fundraiser event or any sort of charity treks is to choose the charity you want to support. Whether you are hiking the Inca Trail in Peru or cycling from London to Paris, you will want to make sure that your efforts are going towards a worthy cause.

We want to give money to charities that will use it effectively and make a real difference in the world, but how do we know which ones are the best choice? It’s not a good idea to ask the charities themselves – they will all tell you that they are the most important charity out there.

So what should you consider when choosing a charity for your challenge event? Here are some of the important aspects that you should keep in mind.

What Feedback Has the Charity Gotten?

Start with a bit of research into the charity itself and what people think of it. There are actually websites out there that give rankings of charities according to their effectiveness and quality -such as Bright Funds, Universal Giving, Charity Watch, Charity Navigator, Philanthropedia and GiveWell. You can begin by looking up the charities that you are considering and seeing how they rank.

Also, do a Google search for reviews or for anything that someone has written about this charity. Does it receive a lot of good reviews and positive press, or is it often criticized and complained about?

What Does it Mean to You?

When you are choosing a charity to raise money for during a charity challenge, make sure you think about what the cause means to you. If you are passionate about it, then this will give you the energy and inspiration to promote the cause to others. For example, if someone you love has a disease you could support a charity that raises funds to find a treatment for that disease. If it has a personal meaning to you, then you will find it easier to fundraise and your passion will show, which makes people more likely to donate. This means that the ideal charity for you might be different than the ideal charity for someone else – and that’s okay. It’s your charity challenge – so it’s up to you to think about what causes are the most important to you.

How Are the Donations Used?

When the charity takes your donation, what do they use it for? Does all of the money go towards the cause, or does some of it go to pay the wages of the boss? Are the funds allocated efficiently, or does the charity waste a lot of money. This is certainly something to consider when you are making a donation to a charity. It is possible to research this, as any good charity will be honest and transparent about how they use their funding.

Do They Follow the Rules?

Does the charity meet all of the requirements and regulations in the country in which it is established? Does it offer tax-deductible receipts? Has it been approved by the relevant authorities? Look into the rules that an established charity needs to follow and fund out whether or not the organization you are considering supporting meets those regulations.

What is the History?

Do some research into the past of the charity and see what you can find. How long have they been around? Have they ever gotten in trouble for controversial programs or fundraising efforts? Were they ever accused of not using funds appropriately? How long have they been operating and have they been involved in any scandals during that time? What kind of things have they accomplished since they have been operating? It is important to look into the history of the charity so that you can find out what its backstory is.

These are just a few of the most important considerations to make when you are choosing which charity to support as you take part in a charity challenge. Once you have made your choice, the next step is to put your fundraising campaign together and start raising money for your charity challenge event!

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